The Friday Quickie…

Pat Kennedy has suspended three players for a handful of games to open the season. Ours is not to speculate why, but here is the penalty phase:

Junior Hairston: three games; available 11/24 for NJIT game.

Tony Durant: one game (season opener Navy); available for 11/16 Niagara game.

Ricky Brown: five games; available for 11/29 game against either Penn State or Rhody.


Word from Richmond is that VCU swingman Lance Kearse is battling a sore back. It’s one of those injuries that could be fine in two days or two months.


More word from Richmond: lots of folks speculating on the downfall of CN8 and what that means for the CAA telly package. In short: nothing, really. The games will be picked up and viewership will not suffer. Comcast is reorganizing so details are fuzzy, but the contracts are still in force.

It may not be more than a branding issue (which “network” shows the games), and it may even be better. Fios folks like me may have access.


~ by mglitos on November 7, 2008.

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