Somewhere, David Keagy is Smiling…

You’ll have to Google the reference; bonus points for why I know this. All I know is that Randolph Macon, a D3 school located about 20 minutes from my front yard, knocked off George Mason in an exhibition last night, 73-72.

This is the exemplar major of why we said a week ago that exhibition season was the most cruel. The game touched off an interlocking torrent of “we stink,” “I’m not worried,” “that’s what exhibitions are for,” “but they are D3!”

Add your etc. here.

The view of the Underdog? Everyone is both right and wrong, and one thing stands out. George Mason has no true post game. They’re going to need one or they will be eaten alive by some of the CAA bigger teams (Nor’Easter, Hofstra).

And because we’re on the D3 thing, and because Tony Shaver once coached at RMCs cheif rival, Hampden Sydney, it’s time to break out our Tribe preview:

Things are veerrryy interesting in the Burg. First and foremost, Tony Shaver is going to start the season without his trademark moustache. We’ll see how long that lasts. Sure, Shaver is among the most level headed coaches I’ve met. But he isn’t immune to being a coach: with the stasher they went to the CAA finals. A couple of bad early season losses and I smell a fuzzy upper lip.

But also, I don’t know the “expectations” question. Does the Tribe enter this season as nobody’s underdog? Or are they once again a team predicted for the bottom four spots and all they do is win games?

They did go to the CAA Finals last season. The success was more than the CAA tournament, though. The Tribe’s 10 CAA victories last season were the second-most in school history and its 17 victories allowed the College to win 15 or more games in back-to-back seasons for the first time since 1985.

You tell me. All I know is that this season will be more fun for my friends at G: TB.

Three Key Statements

  1. No matter what anybody tells you, the Tribe is not going to miss Laimis Kisielius or Nathan Mann to a great extent.
  2. Under no circumstances should you forget that Alex Smith returns in the second semester.
  3. For crap’s sake, the more I review info the more I think I’ve underestimated this team.

Season Shaper(s)

  1. Danny Sumner’s ability to be “the guy.” Dude is “as-good” as anyone in the conference. If he can be that guy he can be first team all CAA.
  2. David Schneider has to be David Schneider, nothing more, nothing less. We keep hearing about Sean McCurdy and Ken Brown and how good those guys are going to be. Pfffft. We know what kind of player Schneider is (think Pete Rose the player).
  3. Managing expectations: for the first time in forever, saying “William & Mary” isn’t immediately followed by a giggle.

The Underdog

Chris Darnell. I’m not sure about this one. I do know that some folks that are well connected in The Tribe are saying Darnell is playing his buttocks off and looks great. But I’m conflicted as to whether or not that’s like saying the kid at Sonic can fry a mean burger. If not Darnell, then, I’ll go with Tony Shaver. That’s right, the coach. Everybody always says nice things about him but I doubt they believe it. I do. I saw him coach at Hampden Sydney. Dude is legit, so stop patronizing him.

Hey Coach, What Happens If…

  • Darnell cannot live up to the target on his jersey?
  • Alex Smith doesn’t get his act together and Chris Darnell is not Adam Hess, CAA official Karl Hess, or even Heather Hess (a girl I went to high school with)?
  • You start rolling and are asked to run for mayor of Williamsburg?

If you can look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow and which will not, speak:

Shaver calls this season unfinished business. I call it business as usual, which means you can expect W&M to finish the year four places ahead of…

Place range is sixth through 10th.


~ by mglitos on November 6, 2008.

One Response to “Somewhere, David Keagy is Smiling…”

  1. Damn Mason…way to piss me off IN THE PRESEASON…

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