Odds ‘N Ends, Warming Up The Bus: Done Smartly…

Battling a vicious cold and tonsillitis, I’m spending time housecleaning as I ramp up hoops season and coverage strategy. This includes figuring out my travel schedule but does not include looking up how to spell tonsillitis.

So Jeff Jarvis is one of the smart guys I reference. He coined, awhile back, a simple line that is quickly becoming more of a mantra than anything else. Full detail here, but his line: “do what you do best, and link to the rest” resonates with the best way to bring you what you deserve in a little ol’ site like this. Therefore, that’s what you will see year…

I was thinking last night about how fortunate we are as underdogs, especially this season. You see, there was the whole hullabaloo about the Final Four run and the ODU at large. Then, there was last year, with no second bid.

Here we are, the year after, when you get to see what people are truly made of. Anybody can keep up in the days of wine and roses. It takes real fans, underdogs, to hang tight when you build again. Let the bandwagon empty, it leaves more legroom for us.

Personally, I’m excited.

This guy, and this guy, both new, are doing a wonderful job so far. Love seeing Nor’Easter and Hofstra get some deserved pub. The beatnicks are around. Of course Mull is back doing his usual excellent job, and Frankenberry/ODU is gaining steam. One day they will learn about organization in Harrisonburg and give us all of JMU/Dopirak in one place.

And the great and the awful that identifies the CAAZone can’t be missed. Those guys are providing a forum for everyone to share. So is Kish.

New this year (and thanks to the CAAZone for the tip): The Dub will be liveblogging its home games.

I guess the bottom line is this: there’s great coverage out there and I aim to bring it to you here. Keep an eye on the linky lines to right, as they will be your guide. I’ll reference them often. Goals include links to radio and teevee broadcasts over the web and games that are significant.

Also, there is this from our friends in the Summit League, also known as the Badlands Conference, thanks to Whelliston’s gift for naming. I haven’t perused all the official team sites, but they should all have this.

Linky line updating is done.

I was saddened to read Ken Pomeroy, a really smart guy, is no longer doing RPI. I loved that he would outline conference standings with RPI and SOS. Dude knows what he is doing. Also, STF is rolling on its new dot net domain.


~ by mglitos on November 5, 2008.

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