This Year’s Initial Piece of Symbolism…

…has nothing to do with basketball.

I went to vote about five minutes ago. If you count the two minutes it took me drive, give me one minute to get in the house and get settled back in the office, easy math says it took me two minutes to vote.

Despite crazed media hoopla about long lines and votes not being counted, my biggest delay was standing in place, deciding whether or not to lock the car. Since I had time for chit-chat, the gracious volunteer told me people were wrapped around the corner of the building at 6:00am.

It hit me: overdogs do that. They take the hot and trendy thing and give it credence whether it is deserving or not. Because somebody said something and it sounded cool, they bought it. They were up at 5:00, jammed in a bagel and coffee, and rushed to line up by 5:45. They had a story to tell.

Me, and other underdogs? We are relegated to sleeping until a decent hour, eating a sane breakfast while sitting down, and strategically figuring that just after lunch was a perfect strategy: everyone else would hurry to the polls and hurry to the office.

Think about that when Kentucky and Carolina and Pitino and Calhoun are vexed by the new three point line, mostly because Katz wrote about it. Our teams, from the Summit to the CAA to the Big West, will be deep into rebounding drills.

Life as an underdog is rewarding on some days. This is one of those days.


And yes, with some extra time on my hands, the next coupla teamers are on the way.


~ by mglitos on November 4, 2008.

One Response to “This Year’s Initial Piece of Symbolism…”

  1. sure, rub it in that you don’t have to commute 45 minutes each way.

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