Food (and Drink) for Thought…

‘Tis a beautiful Friday morning on the home front. The sun is bright, the sky blue, and the air crisp. Football heads can smell the tailgate, and more power to them. Everyone should be provided the appropriate weather to enjoy their pasttime. It’s the main issue I will be voting on come Tuesday.

For the hoops elite–that’s you and me, because we care in late October–it signals a different season. For us, it’s the two-week nirvana that is Intrasquad Scrimmage season.

Really, there is no bigger emotional high outside of the month of March than Intrasquad Scrimmage season. Summer is done, school is back in session, and practice has begun. However none of that really touched you. It was all chatter.

There are always vague reports of this guy and that guy doing thisandthat in practice. But you never really saw any extended action. It wasn’t real, in the way that getting your paycheck isn’t real until you see the numbers in your account balance.

Now, you are getting your first taste and you love it. This is why Intrasquad Scrimmage season is also “man, we look good” season. All Conference teams, if you combined the euphoria, would run 57 players deep. That guy that averaged 3.2ppg last year and scored 11 points in the scrimmage is borderline first team but definite second team.

(Side note: why do fans always forget that the guy who has the breakout offensive game was going against one of your guys that was not playing any defense?)

It’s funny how Intrasquad Scrimmage season is closely followed by a five-day We Stink season. In We Stink season, your team plays someone who wears a different color jersey, usually a local D2 or D3 team. And without fail Your Team doesn’t look that good and you panic, because the regular season starts in a week.

I love the rollercoaster of these three weeks, if only because it is a microcasm of the season as a whole.

And that’s why today’s back-in-business post is dedicated to you, the dedicated Intrasquad Scrimmage season lover.


Quick note from the CAAs best beatnick, Brian Mull. It seems Will O-Hay-Er-Bee fell to the floor with an injured knee. Mull aptly calls The Dub’s frontline already paper thin, and this could be very, very important.

Could Benny Moss be plotting a Lacy and Four Guards lineup?

Because yours truly spent the entire 2008 CAA tourney (and six weeks afterward) with a cast from toes to groin, we’re hoping the kid isn’t seriously hurt. But not having to try to spell the kid’s name is okay.


Here’s a bias of mine when I’m strategically thinking about which teams are better than others. (Side note #2: we’ll continue the team previews next week. I haven’t forgotten.)

I like a team to be thirsty. Not hungry, thirsty.

I figure every team is hungry, because that is the essence of competition. Everybody wants to win, every single game. You want to beat up the guy that is guarding you, and vice-versa.

Teams that have won “understand” that hunger, and they use the thirst for a championship to drive them. That’s why even though I love the Nutpees chances this season, I can’t put them at the very top of the CAA like other folks have done.

VCU and ODU have won, a lot, and know the hunger. A big part of experience is experiencing winning and everything that goes with it. Teams like VCU and ODU are thirsty for the championship. The Nutpees still need to sate that hunger for, really, “a lot of wins.” Honestly, I think Delaware has more pure talent and experience than George Mason. But I’ll take my chance with Mason because they know what it’s like to win.

Anyway, just a little something to keep in mind when sizing up nonconference opponents. The predictions say one thing, but the nuance says another.


~ by mglitos on October 31, 2008.

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