A Total Lack of Cohesion…

Randomly speaking, because life gets silly-crazy when you leave town for one stinking day…

My impressions DeeCeeThree, the third gathering of media and pretend media (that would be me) in the ESPNZone, Washington DC:

With many conferences opting to punt media day, or choosing a giant conference call or video conference, the CAA is going in the right direction. They continue to have the gabfest in a very accessible place, schedule AD meetings and coaches meetings around it, and importantly have begun involving the fans.

People care, and they are excited this time of year. So it was a very good idea for the conference to force gently ask the coaches to sit down for a five-minute live chat, as well as participate in a quick five-minute interview that is more personal and less X-and-O and posted on its website within three minutes of the actual interview.

I’m sure some things need tweaking, but I like the model. Probably better for the coaches, too, because they stay busy and stop thinking about the practice time they are missing.

Best Near-Funny Moment: Pat Kennedy, speaking on behalf of the men’s coaches, starting his speech by saying he hates the media. In spirit it was very funny. In execution it bombed.

Best Funny Moment: Pat Kennedy, who relayed a “story” about when he was at Florida State. Kennedy noted he had taken the previous year’s Seminoles to the Great Eight, and he was at a booster function. A large-money donor stood up and said, “we love you Pat.” To which Kennedy replied “thanks, but will you love me this year when we’re .500?” Punch line goes to the donor, who said: “of course we’ll love you just as much, but we’ll miss you.”

Best Story, True: Just listen to Tony Shaver’s five minutes. The story about his son Austin and Anthony Grant is a don’t-miss.

Good to see you, part one: John Feinstein. He could easily go the way of everyone else in the years following Mason’s run, but he didn’t.

Tis the Season: Jim Larranaga gave some phenomenal political commentary.


Much more later today, but gotta get another day rolling. Heck, I’ll probably even catch up over the weekend, too.


~ by mglitos on October 24, 2008.

One Response to “A Total Lack of Cohesion…”

  1. You were right…good personal story by Shaver regarding Grant. There’s a lot of class coaching in the CAA.

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