Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listenin’?

In honor of the new math that is inspired by major league baseball and the Tampa Bay Rays-not to mention our friend Dick Vitale-we bring you the Underdog Math version of RTU, where 9=8, and $43MM > $133MM…

CAA Media Day is coming up on Wednesday from 9-2 at the ESPN Zone in DeeCee. For the uninitiated, media day is a coachapalooza event that the coaches hate. They gather in one place and do the same interview 54 times. You know how coaches are-they’d rather be at practice or studying film. Heck, the Atlantic 10 has chosen to skip it this year.

For me, it is the official start to the season. Media Day is kinda like Santa Claus: it isn’t really who he is, it’s what he stands for.

But anyway, the CAA is trying a couple of new things this year to spice it up, and you are included. There is a live chat-each coach will sit down for a specific time period and answer your questions. So log in via the CAAs site and participate. If you cannot make it, offer your question beforehand here.

Yours truly will also be asking each coach a handful of questions throughout the day that will be posted in near-real-time on the CAA site. However I’m not going to bore them with “what do you have to do to be successful this year” so that I can get their boring answers. This will be a little more personal, and hopefully fun and insightful.

For instance, Anthony Grant doesn’t talk about anything. Nothing. I want to try to find out who inspires him, outside of basketball. I want Blaine Taylor to address east coast versus west coast bias. I will ask the question on everyone’s mind: will Tony Shaver coach 2008-09 with or without his moustache?


My Blue Ribbon Yearbook came in the mail on Friday. It is, without question, the most comprehensive and best season preview book out there. And it has little to do with Your Team. You know a bunch of that stuff. But to get so much detail on your conference foes and your noncom opposition?



Next, up, before the day ends: Nor’Easter preview.


~ by mglitos on October 20, 2008.

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