One Life to Live…

Storylines from the summer that we will refer to throughout the preseason follow. I struggled with how to dive in, and chose to give a handful of one-liners of items that will require more depth later. But you need to know…

VCUs Franck Ndongo and Drexel’s Chris Fouch suffered ACL tears and will miss the season. Fouch was a highly regarded freshman shooter and would’ve played significant minutes for Bruiser Flint.

Tyronne McNeal never made it to UNCW when classes started. McNeal was big (6-10) and mobile. An already-depleted front line at The Dub got thinner.

Speaking of thinner, JMUs Daz Thornton has dropped a medium-sized dog’s worth of weight this summer. Under new coach Matt Brady, Thornton has worked his 306-pound frame down to about 260, with a goal of 250. Bookmark that note.

Towson’s Ricardo Brown got into a bit of trouble on campus. My belief is that the punishment will be one of those three- or four-game deals.


~ by mglitos on October 11, 2008.

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  1. I like the new digs MGL…

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