From the Head-Scratching Department…

A huge section of the Odds and Ends file is devoted to scheduling. There are so many issues it is impossible to deal with them all in a single, coherent fashion. Here’s today’s version: I don’t get the scheduling flap sometimes.

I spent 15 minutes this morning on Basketball Travelers, a site chock full of highly interesting information. I was able to glean, in that 15 minutes:

UNCW is looking for a home-and-home, December 3 of this year. Charlotte is looking for a home-and-home, December 3 of this year. Both teams want to stat at home, but really, if you want a game and need a game surely a handful on Benjamins could persuade one of these schools to start on the road, no? Seems like it would be a nice regional matchup. Just me.

An Excel spreadsheet, a few phone numbers, and some persuasion skills and I may start the college basketball version of

There is that need.


~ by mglitos on May 7, 2008.

One Response to “From the Head-Scratching Department…”

  1. Charlotte has always refused to play UNCW unless we at least give them a 2 for 1. With the 2 being in Charlotte. We played them this year in a closed door scrimmage in Trask. But maybe Moss’ connections could pay off with a match-up this year, and if we travel to Charlotte maybe we can take on Davidson while we’re in the neighborhood.

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