Maynor’s Decision Smart, But Not Really Difficult…

Eric Maynor, who I guess we can now call the “defending” CAA player of the year, has chosen to remain at VCU for his senior season. Every quote you read is exactly what you would expect–he is honored, he has things to accomplish, the pros can wait, he talked with his family and coach…the net is that he is returning to terrorize the CAA one last year.

Here’s the thing. If you read between the lines this wasn’t a surprise, and it is certainly smart. Many were shocked Maynor didn’t go the test-the-waters route and delcare for the draft but not hire an agent. If he went that route, he could attend pre-draft camps and work out for scouts, but as long as he didn’t hire an agent and pulled his name out of consideration prior to the draft, he could retain his collegiate eligibility.

Many websites that follow NBA draft progress had Maynor as high as a late first rounder and definitely in the second round. The logic is simple: go and impress people and possibly make yourself a sure-fire first rounder and the guaranteed contract money that goes with it. If not, head back to school. It was a no-lose proposition.

But the truth is this: most of these websites don’t have any more insight than we do. The real insight in this scenario comes from Anthony Grant and the people he knows throughout collegiate and professional basketball. They don’t look at websites, they look at players. My hunch is that there was a consuensus of opinion from people that know–not people that report but people that know–that Maynor would be fortunate to be a second round pick. And to Maynor that gamble just wasn’t worth it, and there was no sense in pretending.

Maynor’s telling comment was that he needs to work on his defense and his strength. To me, that is an awfully specific line of reasoning that surely came from those that know. Off the court, Maynor is a huge winner: he is a 3.0 student who will get his degree.

Smart, and easy.

If only everything were this exciting yet this simple.


~ by mglitos on April 23, 2008.

One Response to “Maynor’s Decision Smart, But Not Really Difficult…”

  1. I’m glad. The league will be a lot more fun with Maynor around.

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