Congratulations to the Corporate Champions…

Your Kansas Jayhawks. Mind you, we’re not taking anything away from Roy Williams Bill Self and his team. Chalmers, Rush, and the boys got it done. I was rooting for Kansas, if only for good friend of the LAMM Extra P.

But wow, was it me or was the NCAA tournament awfully corporate?

Now I’m no Pollyanna and I understand how the world works. But since the moment I cracked-wise during my tape-delayed blogging of the selection show about Corporate Champions being used as the hipster term for “sponsor,” I kept noticing small changes that made the entire event more sterile.

The NCAA logo seeming to be bigger than ever; the raised court and dark crowd, the constant cross promotion of things I didn’t care about or already knew about. Heck, the two-minute media timeout has probably been around for years, but this is the year it irked me.

I’m sure it has been overly corporate for many years. For some reason it was this one that I chose to notice.

And finally, I planned to follow along and fill out a live bracket sheet, according to the Whelliston Challenge. I made it through the first weekend, but sadly left the bracket sheet at a friend’s house six hours from home. Though I planned to restart the process, I never mustered the effort and energy to get it done.

Simply put, I lost interest in the whole affair after the first weekend. Yes we had Davidson and we had Western Kentucky, but the perfect NCAA tournament for CBS was far less than that for me. I showed little interest and gave little viewing time to the Sweet 16 and Great 8, and it got worse. A good friend called me last Friday and asked where I was waching the games on Saturday, and my honest response was: “what games?”

Monday, I nearly turned off my teevee with three minutes to go and Memphis leading by about seven. No way they were losing. I might’ve watched half the game in total, and extremely dispassionately; thankfully, I managed all five minutes of the overtime.

The short version: this NCAA basketball tournament became just another sporting event after the first two rounds, but I still congratulate Kansas for becoming the Corporate Champion.

Later this week: the CAA: LAMM Champions will be crowned.


~ by mglitos on April 9, 2008.

One Response to “Congratulations to the Corporate Champions…”

  1. I like to think that the goodwill I generated amongst unaffiliated bloggers had sort of a butterfly effect that wafted Chalmers’ shot that extra inch or two into the basket. Because that was it.

    Thanks for the good thoughts! While it seemed entirely natural to act like an idiot after my university-sponsored team won in 1988, I really have no idea what to do now except enjoy not being called a “choker”.

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