You May Now Go About Your Regular Business…JL Hanging In…

George Mason’s words, not mine (the university, not the dead guy):

Tom O’Connor announced today that Men’s Basketball Head Coach Jim Larranaga has signed a three-year extension at George Mason. Larranaga is now signed through the 2014-15 season.

“Jim (Larranaga) is a terrific ambassador for George Mason University,” O’Connor said. “Obviously with the 2006 run to the Final Four, our basketball program and the University have garnered a lot of national attention. On top of that he is a tremendous basketball coach, he’s our coach and I’m proud to say that he will continue to be our coach for the next seven years.”

“I’ve made it clear over the years that my family and I have loved it here at George Mason,” Larranaga said. “I feel very fortunate to work under the great leadership of President Merten and Tom O’Connor. I feel very connected to both the George Mason and the greater Fairfax County communities. We have enjoyed their great support and it continues to grow. I’ve said before that I hope to retire here at George Mason and this contract extension allows me to do just that.”


~ by mglitos on April 2, 2008.

4 Responses to “You May Now Go About Your Regular Business…JL Hanging In…”

  1. There is a Jesus. I’m in church this Sunday. Thanks, Coach. Mason needs you.

  2. and now ram nation continues their lonely vigil.

  3. Michael,

    Thanks for doing the interview with me today. I have posted it on my site as of tonight.

    All the best,

    Frank Murphy

  4. […] Fans of CAA basketball are pleased to see Jim Larranaga signed a three-year contract extension to continue coaching at George Mason. Could this be the next step towards the CAA getting some more respect from fans and the mainstream […]

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