You Don’t Even Have To Listen Closely…

…to hear the backsides shifting in the seats of George Mason fans this morning. One day after the Davidson Wildcats nearly pulled off “another George Mason,” a term I should really trademark, news is flying about a meeting between Jim Larranaga and Providence College.

It just doesn’t matter…it just doesn’t matter…because even if the hand of God reaches down and George Mason performs above their heads, all the really good coaches will still go to the major conferences because they’ve got all the money! It just doesn’t matter.

(Sorry, you can guess what was on the teevee last night. Let’s get back to business.)

I don’t think it’s a slam dunk no for Larranaga, but it should still be a no. There is a lot of lure to the Big East, a million or so beans, and your alma mater. Larranaga gets in five to seven years, and retires. It’s a nice end to a successful career. Plus, don’t buy in to all that aw shucksness of Larranaga. He is a smart cookie. Far smarter than you are giving him credit for. He is factoring in potential conference realigments.

But here’s the hang up: what is he really proving? And to whom? I don’t believe the exclamation point on a career is “fourth place in the conference, a six seed in the NCAA tournament, and one victory there.”

Call me a romantic, but the NCAA Tournament’s most fabled run and closing out your career with another NCAA tournament or three and perhaps another win–with that same program–is pretty cool. You have plenty of loot to take care of your family and there’s enough press to go around. Larranaga Court at the Patriot Center has a pretty good ring to it as well.

Seeing Jim Larranaga coach Providence would be like seeing Willie Mays in a Mets uniform. Johnny Unitas as a San Diego Charger.

Just me, though.


~ by mglitos on March 31, 2008.

6 Responses to “You Don’t Even Have To Listen Closely…”

  1. I hope you are right about Coach L but I feel it’s been his dream job (PC). He wanted the postion in the past pretty bad.

  2. No…not just you. It would be devastating for Mason basketball. I fear a return to the days of Nestor and Westhead. God…I hope he says “no” if asked…Jim Larranaga IS MASON at this point…now I’m all stressed…

  3. Does anyone know when we can expect to know the outcome of Larranaga’s interview?

  4. A day or two after he releases a press release talking about how “I’ll never leave, I’m so comfortable at GMU”.

  5. Brad Brownell part 2

  6. Brad Brownell, part 2? No, I don’t think so. Brownell didn’t get along with his AD…this is a totally different situation. Plus, Brownell wasn’t the winningest coach in CAA history or at his university. He also went to another mid-major school, not a bigger conference program.

    We’ll see what happens…today? It was supposed to be Tuesday. Damn, this is painful.

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