Eh, Your Friday Slate…

Which reminds me…it took exactly one basketball postseason for me to officially hate the term “chalk.” Stop using it, and stop explaining it. It’s like that guy in high school that spray painted his girlfriend’s name on the overpass. He’s going to think he’s cool and talk about it, but nobody cares nor thinks it’s cool. Stop.


Memphis and Michigan State: I’ll root for the short, bald lefty that can shoot the ball and has the last name nobody pronounces right the first time. Pray for his achilles tendon. Am I the only one to think, every time I see Calipari, that I wish nobody had stopped John Chaney? Then again, Memphis is the way better team from the way cooler city. (Not chalk cool. Blues music cool.)

Stanford and Texas: This is a game I can stomach. Actual analysis: you negate size by getting up and down the court. Texas will win this surprisingly easy because the Lopez Twins never played for Paul Westhead.

Kansas and Villanova: I’m trying to knock off early today, and any commentary–real or imagined–jeopardizes this goal. Rock Chalk.

Wisconsin and Davidson: Call me crazy, but I think I’d play a triangle-and-two against the Cats, with both guys checking Stevie Franchise Curry. Okay, I’ve noted Jason Richards led the nation in assists and also averaged 13ppg. Perhaps we’ll play the seldom used Line Segment-And-Three defense, with two guys on Curry and one on Richards. Sadly, I’ll choose the Badgers while rooting for Davidson.


~ by mglitos on March 28, 2008.

One Response to “Eh, Your Friday Slate…”

  1. Wow. Why is I more amazed by Curry each time I see him? Does he EVER have a bad game? It would be fun to see a UNC vs. little Davidson Final Four match-up…

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