Cue the Music, Grab Some Cotton Candy, the Carousel Cranks Up…

James Madison is introducing Matt Brady as its new head coach today at 1:00. The presser will include all of the standard quotes about opportunity, winning, regaining the lost tradition, etc. We’ll give a listen just in case the miraculous occurs and a decent quote emerges. Don’t hold your breath. Brady was 73-50 at Marist, including a trip to the NIT two seasons ago.

Three bits, in the 2007-08 CAA: LAMM style…

The Good: Marist increased its win total his first three seasons, going from 11-17 to 25-9. This year’s 18-14 record is tempered because the Red Foxes lost their second leading scorer for hte second half of the season. Also, a friend of the blog notes that Brady recruited Jameer Nelson to St. Joseph’s and developed Jared Jordan from a skinny kid to an NBA player.

The Bad: JMU fans and Marist fans agree they are a bit concerned about Brady’s desire for, uh, upward mobility. Fine. It’s called life as a mid major, right? There are worse problems for JMU than winning enough games to have to replace your coach. Oh, and let’s not forget this part. It’s college basketball to us; to coaches it is their profession. This gives them the right to be upwardly mobile and we cannot whine about that.

The Ugly: We’re not fans of how this search was handled. It seemed to be scattershot from the beginning, including outbound calls, inbound calls, the hysterical hiring of a search firm, and the stated desire for “an experienced coach.” This comment is not related to Matt Brady’s ability as a basketball coach, but all of that time and effort and money, and you come up with Matt Brady? Memo to CAA athletic directors: I’m available for an exhausting search for your next coach. Price is negotiable.


Elsewhere, it seems former Brady boss man Phil Martelli is the new John McCain to replace Tim Welsh at Providence. George Mason fans can exhale, a little bit. CAA: LAMM position on this one is fairly simple.

Yes, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. But I wouldn’t sweat. That whole “Larranaga went there” line of reasoning is both accurate and WAY overblown. Yes it is his alma mater. But Larranaga has become pretty comfy in DeeCee, and he’s getting old.

Plus, Providence is not a good job. Yes, it is the Big East, but let me frame it this way: success there is fourth place in your conference, perhaps an at large bid, and cheers all around if you win a game in the NCAA tournament?

Sounds a lot like George Mason, except with worse weather.


From Richmond, there is no real news on the future of Anthony Grant, other than he is probably aerating and seeding his lawn.

Rumor and chatter surrounds a new deal from VCU in the neighborhood of $850K, love notes from Baton Rouge, and who knows what else.

None of it is based on fact, as Grant is a stone wall. We’re fine with that.

The one item to note for VCU fans: the whole “nobody has contacted AD Norwood Teague” is close to meaningless. That is a gratuity from one school’s athletics director to another. It’s the right way to do things, but there is no law that says a school must contact another school and ask for permission to chat with its coach.

Think of it like asking your girlfriend’s father if it’s permissable to marry his daughter. Nice tradition, love what it stands for, but doesn’t have to occur.


~ by mglitos on March 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “Cue the Music, Grab Some Cotton Candy, the Carousel Cranks Up…”

  1. If coaches aren’t supposed to move up, does that mean baseball players have to play in A-ball their entire careers? Gosh, that doesn’t seem fair.

  2. If you thought JMU’s coaching search was scattershot, you obviously weren’t around for the last one. This was a 10 compared to Keaner’s hiring.

    As to the all you could “come up with Matt Brady” comment, I wonder have you noticed the decade of losing going on in JMU basketball? I’m not sure who you expected them to come up with. And, please, don’t say Jarvis. I’d be curious to know who your terrific candidates would include.

  3. The JMU situation compares nothing to what took place two seasons ago at the Dub. That one is for the record book

  4. Brian, that’s kind of my point. All anyone heard was the desire for an experienced guy to turn around that decade of losing. Them hte guy hired is a moderately successful mid major coach. Give me one hour and I’ll go 10-deep with a list of guys similar to Matt Brady.

    And no, I don’t know that I’d hire Jarvis to mow my lawn.

    I spent many games in the old Zoo and I think JMU should be a winner–the advantages are there. My view is that there was a pile of gnashing and time and money for a search whose end result didn’t meet expectations.

    Let me be clear when I say that I don’t know if Brady is Dean Smith or Sherm Dillard. I just had different expectations.

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