Karma: The Perfect NCAA Tournament?

This could very well be that tournament for CBS. You know what I’m talking about, too. We have the storylines punctuated by the heavyweights, and all of them can be compressed neatly into a little box. We’ll call that box the Itoldyouso box.

The top team in the tournament has played the role of Godzilla, destroying everything in its path. What’s making CBS smile is that you know someone is going to punch them smack in the teeth, and it will be a ratings lovefest. Paging Bruce Pearl…don’t screw this up.

A villain knocked off a suspect #2 seed, and a Golden Boy at that. No great tale was ever written without a conniving antagonist. Personally, we love Huggy Bear.

We have the South Region, aka the All Is Right With The World Region. A #5 over a #4 is the biggest “upset.” Think “crash course.”

We have the official Cinderella team, led by the former NBA sharpshooter’s son. Davidson is the ultimate in the entire phenomenon: great academic school, wrecked your bracket, came back from second half deficits, coach is widely respected by anybody that has anything to do with college basketball. Plus, that kid, who pronounces his first name funny, has dropped 40 and 30 on the field. The country can write all day about that.

We have the “other” Cinderella, who features teh best player in the country nobody talked about until three days ago. And now they are doing their honest best to get info on the kid. This bunch wouldn’t have even made the tourney without its conference-mate dropping a Sun Belt semi.

Finally, after a pedestrian Thursday, we got overtimes and buzzer beaters, close games and star performers. Big shots and controversy. It’s had it all.

I’m guaranteeing that right now, as you read this, there is someone sitting in his New York office. He is on the phone with someone in Indianapolis. They are sharing a laugh.


It appears I have some support in my new cause. Jay Bilas penned a column for ESPN.com that essentially calls the RPI outlandish. Bilas was far more concise, but the feeling was the same: it stinks. The punctuation mark? Davidson, Bilas writes, “did not win a single game against a team ranked in the RPI top 100…”

His final line is the most important, if only with its sheer simplicity: “There are too many teams that play completely different schedules, and to strictly stick to the committee’s list simply does not work.”


New name for the movement: SOS, which stands for Stamp Out Stupidity.


~ by mglitos on March 25, 2008.

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