We’ve Moved from Tug McGraw to Steve Perry…

I think I know what’s gonig to happen this evening, and it doesn’t make me happy. Not even Percoset can blind me to that truth. However, as long as Journey is on my daughter’s iPod we won’t stop believe-in’.

That said, we’ll also be around these-here parts this evening. And while I’m perfectly comfortable with VCU being left out of the CBS Prom there are some things that will bother me.

I don’t want to hear about VCU not having any great out of conference wins, when Kentucky–that would be 18-13 Kentucky without its best player who lost in its tournament quarterfinals and who has an RPI worse than VCU–can boast of a home victory over Liberty (RPI 256) as its best nonconference victory. Comparable: VCU beat Houston, and Houston beat Kentucky.

I don’t want to hear about Illinois State, who is VCU, only without a three-game regular season championship. Best nonconwin is Wright Freaking State. After that, it is over #127 UNCW, who way back in November was playing like the 2006-07 Seahawks.

Arizona’s last win over someone NOT named Oregon State was February 23.

If Arizona State makes the field at RPI #83–EIGHTY THREE !!!!–I don’t ever want to hear those initials used again. Here’s what I mean. I’m guaranteeing the comittee will use RPI in other arguments, especially when it comes to seeding.

There’s a great line in Clint Eastwood’s “The Outlaw Josey Wales.” I’ve forgotten the actor’s name, but he plays Fletcher in the movie, and he is the university president in “Animal House.” So Fletcher’s negotiating the plight of southern rabblerousers early in the movie and makes the statement that holds true here:

“Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.”


I can shoot holes all day long. But we’ll stop there and save the gnashing for later. Who knows, maybe the committee will do the right thing. Unfortunately we all know that track record.

Side note: helluva speech from Seth Greenberg yesterday. It fired me up. But someone needs to tell him at large bids are given for performances other than conference tournament semifinals games. If Seth were right, William & Mary fans would have their credit cards out this evening, ready to make travel plans. 


The whole “didn’t play anyone” argument? I need you to start thinking, because the next couple of sentences are cognitive in nature:

You don’t know what VCU could do against top 50 teams because they didn’t have the opportunity. With Ohio State, we know. The Buckeyes lost 10 of 12 games to top 50 teams. Chew no that for a moment.

We know one team can’t get it done, and the other team we suspect can’t get it done but don’t really know. Which one is more deserving?

Okay, we’ll really stop now. I’m just picking those fish in a barrel to set up this evening’s events.

Oh, one other item: the aforementioned Arizona State team? The one with the RPI equal to my junior year of high school?

The Sun Devils are 9-12 against against top 200 RPI teams. No team has ever earned an at large bid with a losing record against the RPI top 200. VCU is 13-6 against top 200 RPI teams.


Ponderable: was VCUs loss to William & Mary really that crushing? I don’t think so. The way everything has shaken out, if VCU had beaten the Tribe, then lost to Mason, the Rams’ RPI would be about 10 spots higher. Other than that, the arguments are framed identically: Mid major regular season champ falls in its conference tournament. The only difference is that VCU fans would have 10 more reasons to complain about being left out.


All of this is why I’ve said for two weeks that this evening’s selections are going to be precedent-setting.


~ by mglitos on March 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “We’ve Moved from Tug McGraw to Steve Perry…”

  1. Kentucky beat Arkansas and Arkansas beat VCU

  2. Houston beat Kentucky and VCU beat Houston

  3. VCU beat maryland and maryland beat UNC, and they’re both still in the NIT

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