Tape-Delayed Blogging the Selection Show…

5:59–checked Lunardi to find Va Tech out and Villanova in.

Carolina didn’t lose on the road. Impressive.

6:03–first Billy Packer viewing. first taste of bile in my throat.

6:05–five minutes and then a commerical, and so far we’ve learned the four #1 seeds, and that Billy Packer likes John Calipari. Finally, I can sleep.

6:08–Coca Cola is a corporate champion. Corporate champion.

6:09–well that didn’t take long. Mason as a 12 against Notre Dame. Potential Washington State in second round is winnable. Much more later.

6:10–are they trying to get all the cameras into the sites (live shots) done by 6:15?

6:11–hmph. The dream of South Alabama out dies. I like them to beat Butler. Mid on mid #1. Mark that.

6:15–not one single surprise and we’re one-fourth through. These reality show promos might be the best comedy on CBS in years.

6:16–corporate champion AT & T. I don’t know what to say about marketing people.

6:16–Kent State vs. UNLV. Mid on mid #2.

6:17–Villanova. Okay. Deep breath. Nice late call Lunardi. (Giggle.)

6:18–Gonzaga a seven seed? Wow.

6:19–Beasley versus Mayo? (Giggle.)

6:20–halfway home and still no real surprises. Nova was tight but in. Still no Kentucky, Ohio State, Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon, Illinois State, etc. Also, how is AT&T a corporate champion and not get the first advertisement going into the break? Could be an exciting 20 minutes…

6:24–Oregon. Nice. Oregon? That’s a 58 RPI with about an 18-13 record. Oh, and there’s St. Mary’s…another CAA dream bursted. (I mean that in the surprise mode. They deserve it.)

6:27–Seth Davis is the best, I mean the best, by far, quick analysis guy in the business. He is great.

6:28–Sean Miller (Xavier coach) looks awful. I guess getting this far without your name called will do that. They are in. They look awful at Baylor. I wonder who the next corporate champion is.

6:30–No Zona, Zona State, Baylor, Illinois State, Ohio State, Va Tech, and one bracket to go. I have to look for accuracy, but Oregon and Nova seem to be last teams in. This last bracket is going to be a doozie. Or not.

6:32–Drake vs. Western Kentucky. Mid major versus mid major #3. I really think something is funky.

6:33–Arizona, proving if you play a bunch of toughies and lose most of them, you can finish below .500 in your conference.

6:34–And Baylor gets in. Oh, and the white guy from West Virginia had the worst in-chair celebratory dance I’ve ever seen.

6:35–Um, I can’t complain. I don’t think.

6:36–As good as Seth Davis is, Clark Kellogg is not.

6:37–I missed Kentucky. Kentucky? Pitiful.

6:38–Nice work by CBS showing the breakdown of bids, and the shrinking mid major participation.

6:40–reason #1 we hate liveblogging, tape delayed blogging, or anything like that: mistakes. We’ll mull and turn some things over in our heads. At least Kentucky gets into the south region, so far from home. Unreal.

6:41–in summ, I believe the committee did well., save a couple of things: Kentucky, and probably Kentucky. (Maybe Oregon, and Arizona is my personal beef.)

6:50–Billy Packer doesn’t realize it, but he just made the mid major argument when attempting to grill Tom O’Connor on the ACC vs. Big East numbers. Make that major versus mid major and Packer loves mids.


~ by mglitos on March 16, 2008.

9 Responses to “Tape-Delayed Blogging the Selection Show…”

  1. Sounds like VCU wasn’t even on the board for discussion.

  2. It sucks that the CAA is back to being a one-bid conference. I’m hoping my Mason boys can prove for the CAA (like they did two years ago, VCU did last year, and tons of other schools – Navy, Richmond, ODU, etc.) have done over the years that there’s some great b-ball being played in the CAA and this is NOT a one-bid league.

    Billy Packer and Jim Nantz were booed at Mason this afternoon when their ugly faces appeared on the big screens in the Johnson Center. It was beautiful, and fun to be part of.

    GO MASON. (8-9 guys on ND taller than Will Thomas. You think we can guess what their goal will be on defense?)

  3. ..so the Rams end up as a 4 seed in the NIT playing 5 seed UAB …with VaTech as the region’s 1 seed

    RPIs (via realtime)

    VaTech 56th
    UAB 55th
    VCU 52nd


  4. There was also Butler vs Davidson in the worst mid vs mid of all.

  5. I think you mean Gonzaga not Butler vs Davidson. RPI’s are only part of the story. VCU needs to shut up and go out and win. Just like ODU did a couple of years ago. Prove that you belong.

  6. From a diehard UNCW fan, congrats to Mason for getting a 13 and congrats to VCU who in my opinion deserved a much better fate.

  7. When I saw Oregon it made my stomach hurt. Not because I thought they took a CAA bid – that was highly unlikely. But just because it was wrong, wrong, wrong.

  8. Ditto on Oregon. I really dislike the pitting of mid-majors versus one another. To think this is not orchestrated (intention unknonwn) is neglectful.

  9. As soon as I saw Kentucky selected, I got up out of my chair and started doing chores around the house as I knew VCU would not be selected. SOSO crap as always.

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