We’re Still Phonies, and We’re Still Channeling Tug McGraw…

Yeah, still following along. In an effort to simplify…we have rules:

  • Only two conference tournament games have true bearing. Va Tech needs to lose today, and the Big Ten cannot go to Minnesota/Illinois. Holy gamoley.
  • If anyone other than the teams below make The Dance, it is a joke.
  • If anyone in the earned category doesn’t make The Dance, consider it a surprise.

One Bid Conferences: 21

ACC: 4 (UNC, Duke, Clem, Miami)

Big 10: 4 (Indy, Mich St, Wisc, Purdue)

Big 12: 5 (Kansas, Texas, Okla, Tex A&M, KState)

Big East: 7 (GTown, WVU, ND, Pitt, Marq, UConn, LVille)

Pac 10: 4 (Stanf, UCLA, Wasu, USC)

SEC: 5 (Tenn, Vandy, Ark, KY, MSU)

A10: 2 (X, St. Joe’s)

Sun Belt: 2 (WKU, South Al)

Mtn West: 2 (BYU, UNLV)

WCC: 3 (St. M, Gonz., San Diego)




Interestingly, only three–Dayton at 32, Illinois St at 33, Arizona at 39–of the bubble teams have RPIs in the 30s. This might be an indicator of the committee talking about RPI being just one measure to evaluate a team to justify a seemingly odd–RPI wise–decision.

  1. Arizona: they will get in, and it will be a shame. And a joke. I don’t care who you are or what conference you play in, when you are 7th of 10 teams and lose 10 of 18 conference games, you aren’t an NCAA tournament team. Even more pathetic: they will win their first game and get pasted in round 2.
  2. Temple: if the Owls lose today, they will be short of the 20-win mark and have an RPI in the mid-60s. Every other number is in their favor, though.
  3. Dayton: What an oddity. Toss out a seventh place A 10 finish, and the Flyers aren’t even a bubble team. This is Drexel from last season, and I wonder how they are going to be evaluated. Your guess is as good as mine, but I’d put them in.
  4. Baylor: How bad will The Committee view the early Big 12 tourney exit? Everything else seems okay.
  5. VCU: the big question–how much weight does a three-game regular season conference championship and 24 wins carry?
  6. Illinois State: ridiculously similar numbers to VCU, only without the conference championship.
  7. UMass: Same story as Illinois State…very similar credentials as VCU. Temple’s success killed them.
  8. Villanova: these guys are the epitome of boring, undeserving major school. Other than “playing in the Big East,” they have done nothing to distinguish themselves. Nothing. In Moraspeak: diddlypoo.
  9. Ohio State: The Buckeyes are the Villanova of the midwest. Sure, they have two top 50 wins. Give VCU 12 chances and I bet my mortgage the Rams win at least twice. Again, this team has done nothing to distinguish itself.
  10. Virginia Tech: a loss to UNC today and there is no reason whatsoever they should be in. None. Zero.



So I’m poking around and some thoughts are bubbling up in my noggin. I thought I’d share:

I’m not overly convinced on South Alabama anymore. Same for St. Mary’s. Both teams pooped out in their conference tournament semifinals–just like VCU. But St. Mary’s finished second in the 14th rated RPI conference (with four putrid teams among the eight in the conference). And South Alabama is, really, VCU…a dominating #1 seed with middling credentials outside of that conference performance. The Sun Belt is the #15 RPI conference. The CAA is #13.

I’m not saying anything other than it is something to think about. And if it does come to pass, how important would consider BracketBusters weekend, when the CAA moved up from #14 (and in some cases #15) to the #13 conference?


~ by mglitos on March 15, 2008.

One Response to “We’re Still Phonies, and We’re Still Channeling Tug McGraw…”

  1. What a frickin homer ??? I hate Tech but they did beat Miami !! What did the black sheeps do against Miami ? Lost!!!! They finished 4th in the ACC. Who has the higher SOS ? Also, Tech has been playing great BB the last month. Tech and Villanova are in before VCU.

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