The Phony Watch: Major Schools, and Yours Truly…

As much as I profess that I’m moving on and not worrying about all the razzmatazz, I’m a phony. I admit it. I was riveted last night, madly flipping between games on the teevee and hitting refresh on the ESPN scoreboard. It’s kind of like The Kramer: it’s repulsive, yet I cannot take my eyes off of it.

You must also admit it. Last night was, to use a vague and meaningless term that is also spot on, something else. Of the teams on the strong bubble, the following teams lost when they had to win: Baylor, Villanova,, Florida, Dayton, Massachusetts, Oregon, Texas Tech, Arizona State, UAB, Houston, Mississippi, Maryland, Arizona, and New Mexico.

(Bless you St. Joseph’s and Temple.)

Put a different way, of the bubble teams either IN the field of 65 or listed as last four in, last four out, or next four out by ESPNs Joe Lunardi: 11 teams lost, 1 team won (St. Joseph’s), and three teams did not play.



~ by mglitos on March 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Phony Watch: Major Schools, and Yours Truly…”

  1. There’s still hope for those Rams fans…good luck, VCU. There’s nothing better than Maryland losing…ha-ha!!

  2. UMass losing means now the A10 has a chance to get 3 teams in. Even possibly 4 teams in if Temple wins it all against SJU. If SJU makes the final that would give them 2 wins over Xavier. That’s the major difference in this discussion. In the CAA, early in the season you have to get out the gate fast and perform at a high level against your OOC major conference opponents and win. Early in the season teams are not always hitting on all cylinders and usually play their best basketball in Feb-March. In the major conferences, the conference tournament gives them one last chance to right the ship and get in the tournament, without having to actually win their conference tourney. In the weak CAA this year, VCU had nothing to gain and everything to lose in the tournament and that’s how it played out. The last thing people will remember is losing to W&M not what happened in December.

  3. I just wish VCU had made the final, even if just to lose. I’d feel a lot better about a two-bid CAA if they had.

  4. UNCW WILL go to the CBI. Insiders know that a 20 win team with four seniors that live on the beach makes a great scene for a new tourney. It is television worthy to have agame hosted in Wilmington. Tommorrow, the ‘Hawks are in.

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