Memo to Tom O’Connor…

The Joe Cribbs Car Wash has thankfully done my work for me. The Hope Springs Eternal section is why, well, hope springs eternal. Jerry Hinnen has done a very good job breaking down why VCU could absolutely be “that” team in 2008. He also exposes phonyism.

Somebody get this info to O’Connor, and ASAP. People are forgetting those gents have been in “the room” in “the hotel” since yesterday. Ballots have already been cast. Bubble teams are already headed for the NIT, and nobody–save the guys in that room and maybe a pizza delivery guy–knows anything until Sunday. Evening.

From the karma file: Last Friday, we had our dog neutered. In the waiting room of our vet, there is a huge Michigan State banner. I mean it is one of those 10-feet by 15-feet jobs. Dude is a huge Spartan. I say that to say this:

Michigan State plays bubble boys Ohio State in about 45 minutes.

Michigan State is coached by Tom Izzo, who coached (and is friends with) Blaine Taylor.

Drew Neitzel is a bald (by choice) white guy who is left-handed.

Stick with me, and keep quoting Tug McGraw.


~ by mglitos on March 14, 2008.

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