Hand-Wringing, Even After I Promised No Hand-Wringing…

So we’re trying to order these teams, and it is frustrating. I may need some anger management (otherwise known in my house as a Multi-Stella evening…).

I don’t care if Maryland wins two ACC tournament games, they don’t belong.

Ditto Va Tech, who is in worse shape.

As for Oregon, and quite frankly Arizona…did we not learn our lesson with 19-13 Pac 10 teams last year? (Stanford lost by about 436 points.)

I take VCU over Creighton and Illinois State, so you don’t think I’m picking on major schools.

I can see Arkansas. Florida would be a joke. Arizona State bigger joke.

And that brings us to the Atlantic 10, the de facto deciders of everyone’s fate. What do you do with Dayton? The Flyers have every conceiveable good number, except that they finished eighth in the A10. Wasn’t that the reason given for Drexel being left out last year? Dog-ear that one.

St. Josephs is deserving and probably a coin flip with VCU. Temple didn’t win enough.

So where does that leave us?

Pretty much with VCU being the third team on the list, behind Arkansas and St. Joseph’s. But there’s my personal feelings around crappy 18-12 Pac 10 teams so perhaps VCU is fifth. Factor in margin of error either way and you get yourself to: squarely on the bubble.

Or: nowhere.

All of this has me tasting vomit in the back of my mouth, so we’re officially quitting the bracketology game, as of right now. We know who we’re rooting against. After that, all we’re doing is working ourselves into a froth.

Here’s what I’m going to do: head to this link; scroll to about RPI position #26, set your browser to view teams #26-#70, and take a picture. Post it by the teevee so when you’re rooting and you see scores come in you can laugh or cry. Or you can set up what you’re going to say on Sunday evening.

Use the linky lines. I’m off to find my Colorado gear.


~ by mglitos on March 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Hand-Wringing, Even After I Promised No Hand-Wringing…”

  1. That’s so hilarious. I usually keep KenPom’s page open during games viewing #31-63.

    I think many are selling Arizona State short strictly because of their awful RPI. Critics can say that they finished 7-10 in conference if you decide to ignore wins versus Div. III Oregon State, but they defeated good teams in Xavier, Stanford (split) and USC (1/3). A 4-point loss to a scorching USC team isn’t bad in my book.

    Go Buffs!

  2. hard to picture a better scenario for vcu than yesterday. nobody seems to want to play their way into this thing.

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