Was It Over When the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor?

Hell no !

First, congratulations to George Mason. The Patriots did what they haven’t done all season–played consistent basketball–and earned the auto bid. You saw the game so you know the particulars. All I’ll say is that I accidentally called Chris Fleming “Superman” at one point and felt like an idiot.

Fleming was huge, though. Physical on the post, and he knocked down a couple of 15-footers. I voted him to the all tournament team, though I didn’t get much support.

I’ll tell you this, though: a shiver went down the spine of some major conference coach around 9:15 last night. He has no idea why and he brushed it off, but he doesn’t realize The Fates have chosen him to play George Mason in 10 days, and he is in trouble.

The one note from last night I will make, and then we will start looking forward: on the court about 90 seconds after the buzzer and fans were still finding their way to the court, Will Thomas was doing the “I’m being mobbed but I’ll tell you how hard we fought to win” interview. You know how it goes.

But at the very end, just as he was being cut off, you heard Thomas exclaim “GMU and VCU baby!” I don’t know that anybody important heard it, but I did.


This, I must say. It has nothing to do with anything, really, but I have to get it off my chest. Jamie Luckie is the worst official I’ve ever seen in my life. Every game you have close calls that can be debated. Fine. But it seems to me there are at least three calls by Luckie every game that immediately make you wonder: “how did he arrive at that conclusion?”


I can’t believe the season is over. I mean, it isn’t but it is. Make sense? It seems like last week JMU was dropping about 200 points on Siena.


~ by mglitos on March 11, 2008.

14 Responses to “Was It Over When the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor?”

  1. Maybe Luckie could be nominated for the mythical “Lennie ‘the Wart’ Wirtz – Where the Hell Did That Call Come From Award”. Lennie was king of the bizarre calls for his entire career. There now may be a replacement for him.

  2. Will Thomas, class act all the way.

  3. Great comment, Hugh. He’s one of the classiest to ever play for Mason and in the CAA. (He reminds me of former CAA and Mason stud George Evans.) He may not be CAA POY (wink, wink), but he and the rest of the guys came up big when it mattered this weekend (I totally agree on Fleming – this was a guy that played hardly any at times this season, and suddenly he’s a tourney stud. I’m glad Larranaga finally came to his senses to use the big guy). I hope VCU gets a chance to dance, too…a win like the one from last night (San Diego over Gonzaga)doesn’t help. But, maybe Mason AD O’Connor, the chair of the committee, can help the CAA cause. I know he’ll try.

    Can Mason be discussed as the “Gonzaga of the East” yet, or is it still too soon?

  4. That is a play on words with your heading to this, right? LOL

  5. somebody get jay a netflix subscription, stat.

  6. Two trips to NCAA in four years doesn’t make you a “Gonzaga of the East” yet. You have to go every year for a few years in a row.

  7. Leave it up to a GMU fan to lay done a really stupid comment like that. I forget…what postseason play did GMU get last year…oh yeah I remember none. These guys need to realize where they go to school…GMU is no William & Mary that for sure.

  8. Sorry Rob, my life is too busy to subscribe to Netflix. Let me guess which school you are a fan of. Not too hard, one or the other.

  9. That’s pretty awesome that Will would say something like that. I’m not surprised.

    I listened to Larranaga on Mike & Mike In the Morning and the Sports Junkies. In both interviews, he pointed out how strong VCU is and that they won the league by 3 games. Additionally, he brought up their stout team defensive statistics (and we all know what defense wins outside of quarterfinal matchups versus Towson).

  10. Congrats George Mason! I grew up in Mason country so i always am happy to see you guys succeed. And everyone that wants to keep talking trash… Mason showed up and won when it counted. And even if you arent a VCU fan you need to root for VCU. If VCU gets an at large bid that makes the CAA a multiple bid conference for like 3 years in a row. Remember anything to boast the conference helps all individual teams. When scheduling time comes next year and we all are trying to get the “big schools” to play us we need people to know the type of talent that the CAA has produced. Having Mason do what they did two years ago and what VCU did last year is making our conference matter as much as the other talked about mid majors. Good luck in the dance Patriots and we hope we can join. Outz

  11. Wow, Fan…so disgruntled and so classless. Of course, Mason is no W&M, but neither is any other school in the CAA academically. What a sad, sad person you must be…be realistic and realize that your team (VCU? W&M?) isn’t going to win every year – Mason fans are SMART enough to realize that…last year was a good example. Attempt to be a good sport and cheer for your tourney-bound CAA team. That’s what I’ve done EVERY year, even when Mason isn’t there – and I know that’s been plenty of times, smart guy.

    VCU Paul…classy comment. Thanks for the support. My twin sister, older sister, and sister-n-law are all VCU grads, so I have a vested reason to support the team whenever they’re not playing Mason and rooting for them to be NCAA-bound as well. It would be great for the CAA.

  12. Yeah Stupid GMU fans to lay DONE a comment like that.

    Not smart like W&M. THAT for sure.

  13. Wow…check out that proper English from “NotAFan”! Clearly, your education is soooo much better!!

    Let me tell you about this awesome invention “Not..” – it’s called a “complete sentence.” Oh, yeah – it’s magical. Use it. Know it. Love it.


  14. Ok, you got me on a typo. It’s easy to do on a Black berry, and come on this is a blog no one uses proper English. I’ll give George Mason its due, they made a great run in the tournament, but let’s get your comment in check about being a Gonzaga of the East…George Mason didn’t even exist until 1972.

    Shawn, I think “NotAFan” was making a point…Wow, I guess that went right over your head.

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