Rooting Interests…

I wonder what’s going through the minds of the Tribe Savants over here. These guys always have a wonderfully fun and informational take on things. We at CAA: LAMM are happy to see this run for no other reason than those fine fellows have no idea what to do.

We’re also happy for some fine folks at Mason. I made some friends on the Cinderella path, and to see some of them get another NCAA bid is a warm fuzzy. Yes, I said warm fuzzy. However if Mason loses tonight, you can put it on the shoulders of a kid in the Mason’s pep band, who chose to screw with karma last night.

So I’m leaving last night, hobbling up 18 steps on crutches with a cast to mid-thigh. I stop to take a breath and the door flies open and hits me. No big deal, it happens. Mason band kid walks through the door looks at me, now off balance, and he says nothing. The kid then u-turns, goes through another door, allowing that one to slam in my face.

Look here, young man. Last time I covered your team they went to the Final Four and your palms were sweating, wondering who you would ask to the WT Woodson High School prom. You’d better hope karma was not looking.


Also, keep your eyes peeled. We’re rooting for:

Gonzaga to beat San Diego to win the WCC.

Davidson and South Alabama in their conference tourneys.


~ by mglitos on March 10, 2008.

8 Responses to “Rooting Interests…”

  1. Typical GMU.

  2. HOW ABOUT THOSE CAA CHAMPIONS? VCU? Nope. UNCW? Nope. W&M? No Cinderella for you.



    (And if you have anything negative to say about a championship team, you’re just a sad, sad hater.)

  3. One more thing…because I’m a CAA FAN AS WELL…I will be rooting hard for the Rams to get an at-large. The conference deserves two again. Good luck to VCU on Sunday.

  4. Why are we rooting for those schools to win ? I want to see more midmajors get bids. So the more upsets in conference tourneys the more top level non BCS schools make it in. If Davidson looses..both Elon and 25th ranked Davidson get in. Same for San Diego…#22 Gonzaga and St. Marys get in. I don’t understand your logic unless your a VCU homer.

  5. y’see, it’s a blog about the colonial athletic association, and (most of) the people that come here kinda like to see good things happen to the caa. if vcu gets in, all the schools in the conference share more money from the tournament (i don’t know all the details, but i hear there’s a pretty decent book about it) and the conference’s profile gets raised just that much more. i’m no vcu homer, but i’ll be rooting hard for jim nantz to say the rams’ name on sunday.

  6. “Look here, young man.”

    Uh-oh, it’s starting. Next comes “All of this music sounds the same” and “Do you think you can get a job in the real world looking like that?”

    Mark the time and date.

  7. Yeah to Rob’s statement. You have to have a hierarchy – root for your school, then your conference, then other mids. I think that’s fair.

  8. I would like to apologize on behalf of the GMU Pep Band for the door incident, and will tell the guys to pay closer attention when they are bursting through doors! Sorry!

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