Randomosity, Mediocrity, Democracy, and Hypocrisy…

That’s my best Don King, and before we get to The Impression That I Get, head over to ESPN.com, where Kyle Whelliston has embarked on a four-hour gabapalooza. It will, at the least, be informative.


Do we really need to be completely mystified by William & Mary making into this evening’s finals? No, really. I have a passel of “I Knows:”

  • WM had won three CAA tournament games TOTAL in the program’s history coming into Friday.
  • WM is one of only (I think) five teams never to make the NCAA tournament. One more win.
  • This is unchartered territory, much less what occurs with one more victory.
  • Three games, three last second wins, three different players.
  • The whole four games in four days thing.
  • The fact that few people thought VCU would lose, playing so close to home with so many fans.
  • The fact that the team everyone–and that means you–thought was the darkhorse was ODU.
  • It’s William and Freaking Mary, for crying out loud.

Fine. I give that to you. That’s an impressive list of I Knows.

But this isn’t a 4-14, 7-23 team playing miraculous basketball. This Tribe team finished with the fourth-best regular season record in the conference. They returned four starters from a .500 team last year. They play a style that every single coach will say is difficult to prepare for. They have the coach of the year.

Take history and emotion out of it and you come to this:

Surprising yes. Beating every single odd like the guy who keeps doubling down on 16 and drawing a 4 or 5? You bet.

But I stop at words like shocking. They aren’t appropriate.


Where does this leave VCU? I’ll tell you this right now: they are in the conversation. We’ll get into it a lot more over the course of the week. Right now I’m calling between 20-25 percent to the good.

I still say to keep an eye on this selection Sunday. The committee is going to make a statement. This is important for so many reasons.


I’ve read and heard a pile of complaints about the Interweb feeds from a variety of sources. I’m amazed that some of these media companies are unable to embrace the importance of the platform. If you’re investing that amount of money, it makes no sense to cut corners. Do it, or don’t do it, but deliver what the platform demands.


Freshmen overwhelmed: Charles Jenkins, Chad Tomko, Joey Rodriguez, Ben Finney.


When Mason chooses to play defense, it is the prettiest ugly you’ve ever seen.


Tonight, I think we’re playing “first team to 50 wins” rules. Not sure if that is coincidental with the fact that I got home, got all set up, and flipped on the tube and caught the last 30 minutes of “Hoosiers.”

Make it a good one Strap.


Today’s motto: more later…


~ by mglitos on March 10, 2008.

4 Responses to “Randomosity, Mediocrity, Democracy, and Hypocrisy…”

  1. “It’s William and Freaking Mary, for crying out loud.”

    That’s right, MGL…William and Freaking Mary. Laimis Kisielius for Ambassador.

  2. Mason will not be overlooking the Tribe tonight. Mason fans know what a good darn team we’re facing. Shaver’s the coach of the year, after all, right?

  3. One thing’s for damn sure — it’s gonna be an ugly ballgame. Mason played ugly over the weekend, but the Tribe has been issuing a steady diet of bad turnovers, the utter inability to collect a rebound, missed fee throws, and a whole lotta cringe-worthy plays to their foes. It takes a good 20 minutes until opponents can get past, “I can’t believe these guys beat anybody!” By then, you’re down 6 and frustrated.

  4. The players are definitely displaying poise and confidence when their moment comes, and that has to be somewhat Shaver’s doing as well. Even bench guys were executing plays with precision the past couple of days.

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