Some Quick Impressions From Friday…

The gam is not glam…

It may be a surprise that Hofstra shot as well as they did in the first half of its loss to Towson. The Pride finished the half 4-29 from the field, and that was after a torrid 2-7 finish. The nooner on Friday is difficult enough, but I swear around one corner in the tunnel they were hanging meat. It was a chilly, rainy Richmond afternoon, and that weather was preferable to the igloo.

Charles Jenkins was “credited” for five turnovers, but he continually tried to break Towson’s extended defense by driving straight through it. Didn’t work.

This is going to sound disingenuous now, but I promise it felt like William & Mary was going to win that game yesterday. You just kept waiting for that sequence of Tribe three, turnover, Tribe three, missed shot, Tribe layup. And just when you thought it was too late, it wasn’t.

David Schneider made all six Tribe triples.

Nor’easter can look like a machine. They come at you with different players from different angles and different styles. Granted, it was the JMU version of defense, which is more Paper Lion than Steel Curtain, but they impress me. They are going to give Mason fits.

I think I’ve finally come around to this: the muckier the game, the better I like Delaware. You wouldn’t think this possible, but the Hens outmucked Drexel last night. You want balance: four guys in double figures despite 60 points.

I still say Dean Keener should have one more season. Good luck, coach. Memo to JMU athletics department: “Scattershot” is not a good strategy, and some of the names I’m hearing are far worse choices than Keener.


~ by mglitos on March 8, 2008.

6 Responses to “Some Quick Impressions From Friday…”

  1. dogs and cats, living in sin. william and mary wins twice in one caa tourney for the first time. ever.

  2. Should have kept Dean Keener (DK) for a 5th year??? Absurd. An opinion clouded by the fact that DK is nice and personable guy. By all reports he appears to be the “nicest guy” among CAA head coaches. I am not trying to be funny, I hear people say this. The fact remains he is a mediocre D1 head basketball coach and produced miserable results. He was given ample time to succeed and recruit his kind of players and run his system. Given the fact next year was the last year of DK’s contact, it would have required giving him a extention now as few recruits are going to sign on for a lame duck coach. DK did nothing to deserve an extention. His team has been arguably the worst in the CAA the last four years and no coach in the NCAA has a worse record with the same team over the last years than Dean Keener. Look it up. Fact. And you would give this man a contract extention and a 5th year, Mr. Litos? It was time for DK to go. Enough with the DK was a nice guy who deserved better, etc. DK certainly leaves a better team than the one Sherman Dillard left him but after four years it is time for a new coach at JMU. Both DK and JMU will be better off.

  3. Way to go, Mason. Way to go. It’s redemption time in Richmond for the Patriots. Campbell and Thomas ain’t gonna let it end until they’re ready.


  4. They’ll be ready tomarrow.

  5. Poo on Mason – go Hawks! 🙂

  6. HOW ABOUT THOSE MASON PATRIOTS…and kudos to W&M – I loved watching you guys beat VCU. It should be a battle between two worthy opponents in Richmond on Monday night.


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