Starting Up…

About a half to go until the action begins…the official smattering of fans are on hand, led by Antoine Agudio’s family. I don’t know that his father has missed three games in Agudio’s four seasons.

Tom Pecora told me a bit ago that he didn’t work out his kids too hard to keep them fresh for the early start.

Towson is running layup drills, and Official CAA: LAMM POY Jon Pease is putting on a clinic. You wouldn’t think he’s had 73 knee surgeries in his 46 seasons at Towson. But he looks ready.

A key for the entire weekend: I’m told by more than one person there are some dead spots on the floor. Look for a funky dribble or five to cause some unforced turnovers.

Man, the bands are loud.


~ by mglitos on March 7, 2008.

One Response to “Starting Up…”

  1. that tribe/gsu tilt was the greatest awful basketball game i’ve ever seen. 39 minutes and 58.5 seconds of dreck redeemed by one off-balance three-pointer. i love this game.

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