We’re Back, Baby, Not Yet Better Than Ever…

Okay, so the “half day out” theory of surgical recovery is a poor one. Right now I’m happy being vertical.

A couple of quickies that I like, kind of your official appetizer course.

Benny Moss said a bunch of roundabout stuff when queried about Daniel Fountain’s ankle. Phrases such as “not as much swelling,” “not practicing tomorrow,” and “we can be aggressive with his rehab” were uttered. In the end, Moss called Fountain “questionable” for Saturday’s game.

We’re not picking on Moss, because he didn’t really have an answer to give. He said what any coach would say. Here’s what I believe Moss was trying to communicate but couldn’t say because he is a nice guy:

His ankle is hurt and he is slowed by it. He’s working on it and we’re being smart about how much stress to put on it. He’s going to play Saturday but we have no idea how much Fountain will be hampered by the injury. It’s kind of a personal pain tolerance thing, which is immeasurable.


Bill Coen had perhaps the smartest one-liner I’ve ever heard regarding the stress of the CAA tournament: “It’s the last four minutes of a game for all 40 minutes.” He should copyright that.


Tom Pecora was in form, when discussing the number of minutes Antoine Agudio has played this season. Agudio has averaged a nation’leading 39-plus mpg: “As a guy who was always dying to get into a game, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for those guys who are on the court all the time.”

On Agudio: “He scores like we breathe. It comes naturally.”


Blaine Taylor treated the media to a typical Blaine Taylor approach. He was asked to describe the tournament and pick a favorite, and for the next four minutes we talked about the Kentucky Derby–you’ve got your favorites, longshots, teams playing well late (stretch run), strong teams, fast teams, etc.

Very well played.


Jim Larranaga provided us a rare look into tremendous coachspeak, when he said the team that would win the tournament is the team that “defends, rebounds, and shoots” well. Really? Here’s a bulletin: fire is hot.


~ by mglitos on March 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “We’re Back, Baby, Not Yet Better Than Ever…”

  1. Nice recap. Larranaga, thats deep thought for him.

  2. Must be a UNCW fan; then again, everything was spelled correctly, so maybe not.

    Final Four Forever.

  3. Wow, so the team who wins the tournament is going to the the team that defends, rebounds, and shoots well??? That really wasn’t what I was thinking, I think the team who wins the tournament is going to be the team that plays terrible defense, shoots horribly, and gets killed on the boards. Great insight as always from Larranaga! ::eyes rolling::

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