Predictions: The Whole Enchilada

As if we wouldn’t wrap up the season in a meds-induced fervor of game guessing…

On Friday, Hofstra beats Towson behind 30 points from Agreatio. The Tribe follows with a victory over Ga State in which a late Lennie Mendez three falls harmlessly away. Karma and all. This one, though will be about 54-51.

The late games also feature a rematch. Remember two seasons ago Drexel and Delaware played the Team Foul Dilemma game. It’s hard to imagine Herb Courtney as a sophomore role player, banking in a free throw. It’s also hard to imagine Delaware loses. I like the Hens. The night game will prove to be Dean Keener’s final game in the CAA. Nor’easter is just better.

As for Saturday, Hofstra matches up very poorly against VCU. The Rams should win comfortably. ODU will dispatch of the Tribe in a game that will go according to script. The Dub will take care of Delaware in a high scoring shotfest. And finally, take Mason to win, but by much.

If anybody from the top four loses on Saturday, it will be Mason. Nor’easter is probably the most dangerous bottom eight team, and Mason the most prone to an upset. It’s a good matchup for Bill Coen. Delaware is a close second, but they will have to go up and down the floor with UNCW and I don’t think they can do that successfully.

That said, I like Mason to defeat UNCW on Sunday, if the Patriots get there. While Mason is wide open to defeat, they are also a big game team and will show up. And I’ve seen Larranaga’s defenses shut down good shooting teams too many times.

I’ll take VCU over ODU as well. The Rams got careless in ODUs win a few weeks back, and the Monarchs proved they are good enough to use that. I expect a focused VCU team to win by six.

The finals? As much as it pains me, this will be a one-bid year. VCU cuts down the nets. Mason goes to the NIT, and UNCW to the CBI.


~ by mglitos on March 6, 2008.

4 Responses to “Predictions: The Whole Enchilada”

  1. As per usual, Towson getting absolutely zero respect from anyone.

  2. i gotta admit, it wasn’t tiger nation that first crossed my mind when i pondered which aggrieved partisan would give mgl grief.

  3. The best weekend of the year starts tomorrow! I hope to see a packed Coliseum this weekend.

  4. really….the tournament will play exactly to the seeds??? Thats what I call going out on a limb. But really your the man I love reading about the caa, glad I can do it somewhere.

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