Pre-Banquet Hoop-De-Do…

We’re not liveblogging the CAA tourney, mainly because of our hatred here at CAA: LAMM for liveblogging. But there will likely be a lot going on and I’m not a big saver. Keep checking back for updates, as I’ll get to it when I can. For example, there is bound to be some newsworthy items from tonight’s banquet. I’m not waiting for tomorrow morning to get them posted here, because I have to be over at the Coliseum early.


The fine fellows over at G: TB have previewed the CAA tournament, set to the backdrop of The Wire. (It’s not this, the greatest blog post ever, but it’s pretty darn good.) Those guys will never admit it, but they are pretty smart about Colonial hoops, and a few other things. (Side note: thanks TJ, I thought my confusion was the Percoset.)


The banquet is always fun, for reason explained over here…what is here? I’ll be blogging for the CAA throughout the weekend in an official capacity. Press room quotes, some of the color of the weekend, and stats and analysis will be the gist. Keep checking over there throughout the weekend.

It’s a work in progress, but I’ve got the conference pooh-bahs behind me over there. This is important because if something monumental occurs–you know, like a player punching another below the belt–we’ll be able to get the official word published far more quickly for your barroom discussion.

It starts tonight. The conference award winners will be published at 9:00pm.


~ by mglitos on March 6, 2008.

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