More Acts of Randomness (Or Ramdomness)…

Is it me, or are conference tournaments immeasurably more important this year than any other year you can remember? Seriously. Everyone wants to talk about the weak bubble and the ever-changing bubble and the impossible bubble, and I think it’s a wonderful misconstruction of the facts. This season is giving new (or old) meaning to conference tournaments. That is the real issue. You want teams to play their way in (or out)? Fine. You get it–everybody at one site, playing on the same floor. Have at it.

Look at it this way, and in brief, because I need to go cook dinner:

Teams that might be in but are playing their way out, but could save a bid by winning their way to conference tournament finals: Maryland, Texas A&M, Kentucky, West Virginia, Oregon, Ohio State. And those are the closest teams in the major conferences. Villanova, Creighton, Arizona, and about five Atlantic 10 teams.

Depending upon “stolen bids” or early conference tournament losses, these fortunes could change, too: Arkansas, Illinois State, Oklahoma, Gonzaga, Baylor, about five Atlantic 10 teams, and Arizona State.

Hey, what about teams like VCU? They are clear bubble teams that may or may not win the conference tournament. That’s around 18 teams in an odd spot going into conference tournaments, not including the indistinguishable mess in the A10.

The sum:

The next two weeks are going to be an unbelievable run up to what I am calling right now the most dynamic, confounding, surprising, exhilerating, debated Selection Sunday we’ve ever seen. It’s a marker for the future. I can see it coming, and you should too. Get out your slide rule.

Oh, and this is the way it oughta be.


Many thanks to the VCU fans who reminded me that “all” Anthony Grant accomplished was a regular season title, by three games, while replacing two 1,000-point scorers and dealing with the loss, really, of Wil Fameni. And they have about 24 freshmen on the roster. Oh, and that the at large discussion begins and ends with VCU.

All valid points. No doubt a vote for Grant is a vote for progress! Sorry, had to say that. In all seriousness, Grant is undoubtedly an unbelieveably great basketball coach. His career record of 34-5 speaks for itself.


From Andy Glockner on an chat today, regarding VCUs chances at an at large bid, if the Rams were to lose in the CAA tournament: “I’d lean toward yes, but we’ll see what happens elsewhere. Winning the league by three games to go with a couple of good nonconf wins will be nice chips, if needed.”


I also received a passel of emails about the all defensive team. Sorry, but that’s a very subjective measure. My belief is that you have to see a player about 10-15 times in order to assess defensive skills. That combination makes fair assessment impossible. I will say this: I’d vote for VCUs Jamal Shuler for defensive player of the year. Shuler was so consistently tough on the opponents’ best perimeter player, and Shuler rebounds extremely well. That would be an easy call for me.


You may notice the linky lines have changed over on the right. It was high time I did a little weeding in the garden. Plus, we’re set up better now to track the NCAA tournament wrangling.


~ by mglitos on March 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “More Acts of Randomness (Or Ramdomness)…”

  1. wow…surprising…more love for VCU on this site…wouldn’t have guessed it…

  2. wow…surprising…more complaining about the love for VCU on this site…wouldn’t have guessed it…

  3. Well, gosh. VCU was damn good. And this is coming from an ODU fan. It’s hard to really argue when the top team in the conference gets the nod for having great players and coaches. I only watched Shuler in person once this season, but I’ve rarely seen a more intense and focused defender. He’ll climb up in your shorts if he has to.

  4. ODU fan here. I believe Shuler is the best defender in the CAA. He is quick enough to stay with most( if not all) the two guards in the CAA, and there is no doubt that he is longer than most guards in our league. I can’t believe I saying this, but I gonna miss watching( except against ODU) Shuler play defense, and shooting threes.

  5. Ask Agudio what Shuler did to him in the two games they played against each other this year.

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