A Couple of Random, Travel-Related Quickies…

If you are coming to Richmond, two three things to check out:

All the CAA tournament stuff. They are doing a great job at making this an event, not a collection of basketball games. Side note: when you go to the CAA Sports home page, there is a really cool bracket that greets you.

The CAA Zone shindig, where RSVPs are needed. Classing up the joint, no doubt.

Brunch at Millie’s on Sunday morning. Just get there before about 9:45 and know that you are removing two years from your life by eating it, and it is worth it.


Not coming to Richmond?

All first round games will be video streamed at the CAAs official site. Quarterfinal and semifinal games will be televised live by CN8 and other television affiliates. The CAA championship game will be televised by ESPN.


~ by mglitos on March 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “A Couple of Random, Travel-Related Quickies…”

  1. Hey love the blog!! Give us some info on the brunch at Millie’s!! There is nothing about it I can find on their site, sounds pretty good though.

  2. My personal favorite the Devil’s Mess. Scrambled eggs, sausage, various spices and such. Toast is perfectly crispy and the potatoes are ideal. Castro’s Mess is the same, just spicier. You can get anything from basics like french toast to seafood. Unreal.

    Oh, and while you’re waiting choose from coffee, bloody mary, or whatever it if they call OJ and champagne. If the weather is nice, sit outside.

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