My Post Season Awards…

We have five days before the start of the maiming, but there’s a lot for us to get to. I have no worries that we’ll fill the week with all kinds of delightful goodies. So we’ll get this out of the way right now.

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time considering and studying–probably more than I should–but the glut of the standings is also borne out in its postseason awards. “Too close to call” is the mantra, or what I would say if my name was Tim Russert. Plus, I feel we should look at this with proper focus and clarity.

The Jonathan Pease Player of the Year: Eric Maynor, VCU. Maynor edges Will Thomas for two primary reasons. First, he led the conference in scoring (the non-Agudio division) and assists. Despite having every junk defense thrown at him to slow the Rams, Maynor still led VCU to a three-game bulge for the regular season title. The best player on the best team deserves the award.

Coach of the Year: Benny Moss, The Dub. The more I studied, the clearer this decision became. Everybody knew UNCW was going to be better this season. By how much was the variable. All Moss accomplished was turning around a 4-14, 7-23 debacle to a second place 12-6 mark. I don’t care how great of a player TJ Carter is, he’s not that responsible. Plus, at 2-3 in the conference after being drubbed by JMU, the Hawks could’ve packed it in. From that point they went 10-3 to finish the season. Let me be clear in saying Tony Shaver did a phenomenal job this season and I can’t write about COY without at least mentioning him. But the award is Moss’s.

Rookie of the Year: Charles Jenkins, Hofstra. Any vote for Chad Tomko is good by me because it is correct. For me, though, Jenkins is a smoodgie more correct. (Smoodgie is a technical term, too complicated for you to grasp. It means “a little bit.”) The dividing line was this: Jenkins is a scorer and was option #2 for Hofstra. With that in mind, Jenkins still was 10th in the conference in scoring with more than 15 ppg. Also, Jenkins was more consistent throughout the season. Tomko had some great games and poor games. Jenkins was always good, sometimes great. This is a no-argument decision because we are both correct and both players are deserving. I just think Jenkins is a bit more deserving.

First Team All CAA

Eric Maynor, VCU

Will Thomas, Mason

Antoine Agudio, Hofstra

Vladimir Kuljanin, UNCW

TJ Carter, UNCW

Second Team All CAA

Jamal Shuler, VCU

Folarin Campbell, Mason

Matt Janning, Northeastern

Gerald Lee, ODU

Leonard Mendez, Georgia State

Third Team All CAA

Frank Elegar, Drexel

Marc Egerson, Delaware

John Vaughan, Mason

Junior Hairston, Towson

Herb Courtney, Delaware


~ by mglitos on March 2, 2008.

11 Responses to “My Post Season Awards…”

  1. Although I could quibble with you here or there,on the whole I pretty much agree with your selections. Are you doing a book signing in conjunction with the CAA Tourney?

    Good luck with the surgery this week. Are the rumors true that we will be calling you Michelle afterwards?

  2. You’re assuming I’m not called that now !!!!

    No planned book signings, but still happy to buy a beer for anyone with a book in their hand. Two beers if you lie and say you liked it.

    Thanks for the support.

  3. i’d really like to argue moss over shaver, but 6 losses in the tribe’s final 7 conference games doesn’t help the case. boy, does the tribe need this week off.

  4. I just found your blog this season and I really enjoy it. I’m a big fan of your picks too. I’d like to see that first team CAA take on the first team players from some of the bigger conferences. It’d be fun to see a game between the CAA team and say…the ACC team; see if the disparity in top talent is as large as people seem to think. Will Thomas has already stopped Hansbrough once in his career…Tyrese Rice v. Antoine Agudio in a battle of pure scorers, Maynor all over Demarcus Nelson, TJ in Sean Singletary’s grill…Vlad vs. whatever big man they bring on, I think it’d be fun.
    I like the two Seahawks on the first team, but boy is it tough with Shuler, Campbell, and Janning sitting there. Janning is going to be spectacular these next couple years.

  5. I can’t argue Thomas over Maynor – either one is right.

    Carter over Campbell I will though. Apples-to-apples (conference averages) Folarin has the higher scoring average, the higher FG%, and the better 3 pt % and is the better defender. The big differentiator for me though is that Folarin can and has played the 1, 2, 3, and 4 this year for Mason.

  6. I’d go Carter over Campbell. Carter has made more big shots than anyone in the league this year. Plus he averages over four assists a game as an off guard, which is insane. He just makes plays. I respect Campbell, but I fear Carter.

  7. Rookie of the year is a close one if you look at stats, and I think your right both are deserving. Jenkins does have a margin in points and I do agree he has played more consistent according to his stats. However, he shoots more than Tomko and he’s not running the team he gets down the court and runs the offense then does his thing. I talked with a few people on this is the better choice is Tomko he carries more of the load then Jenkins does. He also means more. There are many scores out there but few great point guards esp. one that is a freshman running four seniors. Moreover, Hofstra is mid to bottom of the conference meaning ok great year jenkins but little impact on the conference. Tomko has helped lead the team to 2nd, scoring is a great thing in basketball but it’s over hyped, now of course I wouldn’t be saying that if Jenkins put up those numbers and Hofstra ended up 1st or 2nd. But they didn’t so again impact on the team Jenkins had a great year but impact on the conference Tomko obvisouly has the edge.

  8. Tomko doesn’t really have that much of a load. Carter is initiating much, much more of the halfcourt offense. Tomko averages 2.5 assists per game, Carter 4.3. Tomko dribbles the ball upcourt, yes, but then he mostly gets out of the way – much like a quarterback handing the ball off to a stud running back.

    If you give Tomko two points for every assist he’d be at 13.6 points created per game, which is still less than Jenkins’ scoring average.

  9. Once again Jenkins is on a team at the bottom of the conference and Tomko is on a team at the top. And Tomko does come down and start the offense like any other point guard, Jenkins comes off screens and indeed does his thing but again more shot attempts because of the team he’s on. He is not battling four seniors for a shot attempt. Again bottom of the confernece vs top, great year for jenkins but little impact on the conference. Not to mention Coach Moss has said it himself without Tomko they wouldnt be 2nd, without jenkins they go where. Further down? Again great year for HIS TEAM but little effect on getting the team past 8th.

  10. The Rookie of the Year has never been about standings. Juwann James won it when his team finished last. Matt Janning won last year with a middle of the pack finish.

    If standings were the most important thing to the Rookie of the Year vote, then go with Larry Sanders. His team finished first, and with Wil Fameni being hurt and sorely limited, he had to be the main post defender for them.

  11. Once again, it’s sad media and people like you don’t quite understand basketball, all you people look at is stats and a bit more stats and a crappy team season and you derserve an award. Not to mention the positions are totally different, However I do agree Sanders should be some what in the running but again he still wasn’t as vidal as Tomko has been for UNCW. IF you understood what a point guard meant to a team, Manor (included), you would see guard play is more important to a team then nerely any other play. Can’t bring the ball up and start an offense, don’t have team control and pace the game the team goes to crap again stats are nice but Tomko helped his team more then Jenkins has period. Jenkins has helped himself but if people had common sense this is a team sport and who helped the team is more important than who helped themself.

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