Teams To Root For…

We’re not vindictive nor negative here at CAA: LAMM. We prefer fun, humor, and positive vibes. It’s bad karma to root against anyone. However, we’re perfectly happy and comfortable rooting for certain teams that help our CAA agenda. (Yeah, we have an agenda…)

Today’s big nooner is West Virginia at Connecticut. You remember the Huskies, last seen in these parts having their egos handed to them by George Mason. Today we root for Jim Calhoun. I’m nto as convinced as others that WVU is part of the “in” crowd.

Ole Miss hosts Bama mid-afternoon, and even though the Rebs are on the wrong side of the bubble, they owe Rod Barnes a little something. This would do it.

A loss by Rhode Island at LaSalle today would wipe them off the at large map. We’ll root for John Giannini’s troops.

Other afternoon tilts and our new favorite teams for just one day:

Mississippi State to win at Florida

Tubby and the Gophers to win, hosting Ohio State

Mizzou to win at Baylor

Vandy to win at Arkansas (Related but unrelated note: every tea leaf points to a Razorback win)

Chris Mooney to continue his A10 coach of the year stampede and the Richmond Spiders to hold serve over UMass.

Same conference we love Fordham over Dayton.

Oh, and we’ll be rooting for VCU to beat William & Mary.


~ by mglitos on March 1, 2008.

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