Side Note, Re: The Exes…

I’m watching Wright State at Butler right now, and two things jumped out at me:

1. The “Star Watch” at the tipoff was Mike Green (Butler) and Vaughan Duggins (WSU). Green transferred to Butler from Towson, and Duggins was coming to UNCW with Brownell.

2. Steve Lavin just noted that Brad Brownell is 10-0 in one-point games in the past two years. That’s a wow stat. (For you bitter conspiracy theorists: zip it. I’m a Benny Moss fan. One has nothing to do with the other.)


~ by mglitos on February 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Side Note, Re: The Exes…”

  1. A Benny Moss fan? Maybe you and the rest of the Virginia, but I think there are more Wright State fans in Wilmington than B-Moss fans at this point. Although I do think fans are starting to realize it’s the hand that’s been dealt and to be excited with what we do have, and that’s improvement. Although next year’s forecast is looking dim with the bench earning more fouls than points I’m sure a lot of Wilmington residents will welcome a rabbit out of the hat from the veteran Benny. Also some are realizing that if Benny mucks it up and we get someone else, we’ll still have Miss Rosey-D the sports hating fanatical dictator of a chancellor and we’d probably end up with someone cheaper and with less ability. How’s that for bitter?

    Oh on a side note there is a rumor Jerry bought a house somewhere in New Hanover county.

  2. That’s pretty bitter, Bill. Much appreciated. So I’m clear, the email box lights up every time that Brownell guy is mentioned. In an attempt to hold off overuse of the delete function, I felt it necessary to point out up front that it was a stat I found interesting and had nothing to do with anything else.

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