One Shining Moment…And a Keepinmind…

Let’s say…a miracle occurs and I correctly predict all six Saturday games. (Insert joke here.) I’m just saying.

For the record (and to give us the content of this post), I like VCU to beat W&M, UNCW to beat ODU, Hofstra over Drexel, Mason over Nor’easter, Delaware over Towson, and JMU over Ga State.

This sets up the final standings and seeds to look like:

#1 VCU 15-3

#2 Mason 13-5

#3 UNCW 12-6

#4 ODU 11-7

#5 Delaware 10-8

#6 W&M 10-8

#7 Nor’easter 8-10

#8 Hofstra 8-10

#9 Towson 6-12

#10 Drexel 5-13

#11 JMU 5-13

#12 Georgia State 5-13


That gives us the following matchups:


Delaware vs. Ga State

W&M vs. JMU

Nor’easter vs. Drexel

Hofstra vs. Towson


VCU vs. Hofstra/Towson winner

Mason vs. Nor’easter/Drexel winner

UNCW vs. W&M/JMU winner

ODU vs. Delaware/Ga State winner


Keep in Mind

JMU defeated VCU

Georgia State defeated Mason

Nor’easter defeated ODU

Drexel and JMU defeated UNCW

Nobody is safe, on any day.


~ by mglitos on February 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “One Shining Moment…And a Keepinmind…”

  1. Of course, Mason could go out tomorrow and suck at NE…after all, we have a history of doing that this season…that 17 turnover effort on Wed. vs. W&M wasn’t pretty…Mason always seems to do its best at trying to lose each and every game (and the ones that are the most important – like tomorrow’s game which could lock up the no. 2 seed).

    UNCW vs. ODU is a great potential game…W&M vs. VCU is fun, too – such different styles of teams…

  2. Maryland is one of my least favorite teams next to Duke, but you need glasses Homer if you think the VCU resume can stand up next to MD. Head to head is the only thing going for VCU. MD won at UNC, GaTech, Wake, and Boston College and beat Hampton, something VCU could not do. The SOS is 16 compared to 150 for VCU – stop being selective about the stats and look around. Also, VCU beat MD early when they were not playing well – it would never happen today. MD is on the up swing right now and the ACC will get 5 teams in while the CAA will get 1 – likely not to be VCU. VCU has a nice record but played a really poor cupcake pre-season schedule and it will bite them.

  3. Bob: The only intelligent thing you said was: “VCU beat Maryland.” In fact, they spanked Maryland AT HOME.

  4. Um, I hate to bring numbers to the table, but:

    VCU OOC SOS: 74 (maybe a Swiss Cake Roll, but not a cupcake)
    VCU OOC RPI: 40
    Record against top 100: 4-3

    Maryland OOC SOS: 86 (worse than a Swiss Cake Roll)
    Maryland OOC RPI: 116
    Record against top 100: 6-9

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