(MAJOR EDIT) Make Lemonade? Yeah, That’s A Ways Down the Emotional Ladder…

It’s funny how seemingly random events in your life tie together.

And then we’ll edit out a bunch of garbage unnecessary but seemed quality last night…

Anyway, I’m reading an article by Jason King at Yahoo about the subject, and Ian O’Leary from St. Mary’s, after its 89-85 overtime thriller over Gonzaga, had the following quote: “People can call us a mid-major if they want,” O’Leary said. “But seriously, after watching us out there tonight, how can you say there was anything ‘mid’ about that?”

And it hit me. Who cares? I know what it’s about. You know. Guys like Whelliston know. The gents at G: TB have it figured out. We follow this conference and basketball with fewer resources because it’s fun. Pure.

(Lots of unnecessary stuff…)

Bring me a beer.


~ by mglitos on February 29, 2008.

One Response to “(MAJOR EDIT) Make Lemonade? Yeah, That’s A Ways Down the Emotional Ladder…”

  1. Ouch. Get well soon, Michael. Watch some hoops and cheer up.

    And since I was also raised Southern Baptist, I think I’m getting your humor a little bit better.

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