Keeping Our Ears to the Ground, With Mute Button Set to “On…”

From the CAA coaches teleconference:

Tom Pecora, on his frosh of the year candidate Charles Jenkins: “It’s great to see a freshman not hit the wall.”

Pecora, on Tony Shaver: “In my opinion he’s hands down the coach of the year.”

Poor Bill Coen, on his player of the year vote: “Sometimes, statistically, things get skewed.” His vote right now is Eric Maynor, but “there is still some basketball to be played. It’s so close you wish there were three or four awards because there are that many deserving players in this league.”

Same question was put to Anthony Grant, who mentioned Will Thomas and Vladie Kools. Grant gave special mention to Antoine Agudio for what he’s done to make his team better.

Benny Moss said TJ Carter has been worth “seven or eight” victories alone, maybe eight or nine. Whether scoring, distributing, or defending, Carter has been the difference-maker.

Now here’s something that made me laugh out loud. Jim Larranaga was talking about Will Thomas, and his nine point, nine rebound game Saturday against Ohio came up. Larranaga described one possible reason was that “as it turns out Will has asthma.” And, during the pregame festivities the Ohio mascot (or someone) drove a motorcycle out onto the court to fire up the crowd. According to Larranaga the fumes from the motorcycle bothered Thomas.

With a nod to Dave Barry, I am not making this up.


~ by mglitos on February 26, 2008.

14 Responses to “Keeping Our Ears to the Ground, With Mute Button Set to “On…””

  1. Wow. Making fun of someone with asthma – that’s just classy. Clearly, you’ve never seen someone have an asthmatic attack. “Now here’s something that made me laugh out loud.” Wow. Classy. Let’s hope you live a long, and healthy life and never have to deal with any diseases or ailments.

    Maybe Larranaga should have mentioned the eight guys that guard Thomas every game trying to stop him.

  2. Take it easy, GMU homer. You’ve got to admit the way that story was phrased was pretty funny.

  3. So I suppose when Thomas misses a free throw it’s because somebody in the crowd broke wind.

  4. I’m a huge vcu fan so obviously i’m leaning towards maynor being the player of the year but i have to give mass respect to agudio and will thomas. But that stupid gmu fan who cant take a joke puts will thomas off my ballet. How can u patriots fans not take a joke…thats exactly what your team is!!!

  5. I’m sure Will Thomas will be devastated to find out he’s no longer on your pretend ballot.

  6. I have seen a lot of CAA games this year, and to me (tonight not withstanding) Maynor is POY. He is so smooth, take him out, and put a double team on Shuler and VCU wouldn’t be in the discussion. Take Thomas out and GMU still has so many weapons they could still find a way to win games. Take T.J. Carter or Vladie Kools away from UNCW and they would be 7-22 again. And as far as Shaver being COY–no way. He was 15-15 last year and about there again. Yes, W & M has improved in conference, but not to the extent Moss has. Moss should get it going away–from 7-22 to 18-11 with twenty wins a distinct possibility and possibly a CAA tourney championship–no way anyone touches that. Ross has done great with Delaware, and Coen with Northeastern as well, and deserve to garner a few votes, but if it comes down to Shaver vs. Moss, it is a no brainer. Don’t count out ODU coach Blaine Taylor–who has taken a team that was 6-6, including a 19 point debacle at home vs. UNCW–and hasn’t lost since. If they win it, he could take it.

  7. Frank,

    You’re missing the point on COY voting. The point is not last year’s record. The point is the Tribe was picked 10th or 11th and has been at the top of the league the entire season with players no one has heard of. For example, on UNCW’s team, you have a number of players being suggested for 1st Team ALL-CAA and POY…and a serious FOY candidate. W&M has a few 1st Team All-Academic candidates (on the fencing team) but nothing like what the other top teams have.

    While Moss has done a great job, it’s hard to defend that Shaver v. Moss is a no-brainer (either way). However, like Pecora suggests, Shaver has done so much MORE with so much LESS this year that it seems hard to argue against him.

  8. Hey Paul…want to hear a good joke? How about a VCU education? Or dodging bullets on your way around campus at VCU? Or Eric Maynor’s oddly-shaped bald head? Those things are FUNNY. Asthma – not so funny.

    Maynor is the most overrated player in America. He has one good game against a crappy point guard from Duke and suddenly he’s GOD. He’ll get his POY next year.

  9. I think we’re seeing Brownell’s seniors playing well. While I’m sure Benny is more comfortible this year I don’t think it has to do with Benny experiancing vast coaching improvements. Next year will be a wash, we’ll see in a couple of years if Benny can hold his own.

  10. Shawn must have some self esteem issues thinking someone’s head is oddly shaped. Asthma in itself isn’t funny, but the way the situation was described it was funny(odd) in a Dave Barry sort of way.(shawn go back and read some Dave Barry and get a sense of humour) I guess GMU doesn’t have a good English department. GMU must be good at brainwashing away humour, thanks politcal correctness police.

  11. Another GMU homer here, but not offended. The asthma didn’t seem to be bothering us when we were up 30-13 in the 1st half. While Will’s performance didn’t help, that’s not why Mason lost. When your team hasn’t been introduced to perimeter defense and cannot stop dribble penetration, 17-point leads disintegrate pretty quickly. I just wish Coach L would show film on how VCU harasses shooters on the perimeter.

    On COY, gotta go with Shaver. I thought W&M was going to suck.

    On POY, Maynor (not overrated – just doesn’t like to play well on ESPN2 this season) followed by Thomas. He contributes in so many ways and is a calming influence for a team loaded with youngsters. I know a lot of that is Shuler too.

  12. Dave Barry = Eric Maynor. Overrated.

    Maynor will probably get the POY because of the league’s bias against Mason.

    COY…who cares. All I know is Mason has the league leader in all time wins, and has the only coach to take his team to the Final Four in the league.

    Everyone else…keep swimming in your pond of jealousy (English Major, Mason, 1995).


  13. I agree that Will Thomas should get POY. Averaging a double double for the year is a tough thing to do. Maynor is a good player but if I were to make my own team I’d probably put Cambell over him.

  14. Moss has to be COY. It may be 4 of Brownell’s seniors playing well, but 3 of Brownell’s seniors were part of that 7-22 team last year. And how many Juniors are contributing? Not very many. The only one I can think of would be Marlo Davis, who was recruited by Moss. The sophomores are mostly Moss’s, and the FOY candidates (Tomko & Lacy) are obviously Moss’s. TJ Carter is the main reason that this team is better, but part of that is Moss’ doing as well. Remember, TJ didn’t play at all last season, and the last season he did play was the CAA Champs year with Brownell. Moss brought in a totally new system, got Brownell’s (4) players to finally buy into it and is winning games (swept…SWEPT Mason). Shaver is doing a great job, but I feel like it has to be Moss.

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