Chew on This While Watching Your Game Tonight…

I hosted a roundtable today with some folks that know a bit about the Ye Olde CAA, and we tried to name the All Freshman Team, The All CAA First Team, and the POY. Three games left seems to be the ideal time to discuss such meaty topics.

We didn’t get very far.

The freshman team was the easiest. We agreed on my officially established guidelines from yesterday. Give me Tomko, Jenkins, Allen, and Dawson. You fill in the fifth and we all go home happy.

As for the POY, we landed on a split vote between Eric Maynor and Will Thomas. Both are keys to their respective team success. Maynor is a prolific scorer and assist man. Thomas a prolific scorer and rebounder. It is impossible to compare the two statistically. The leading argument in the clubhouse is the old baseball MVP “tiebreaker.” VCU is worse off if your remove Maynor than Mason if you remove Thomas. Edge to Maynor, but we reserve the right to reconsider.

The true donnybrook began when naming the All Conference Team. To sum it up: we got 15 players deep and became frustrated, and then remembered that John Vaughan of George Mason could make an argument that he belonged on the first team. It’s that tough this year.

Here’s my personal opinion, right now. This list is subject to change, even by the time I finish typing it:

First Team

Eric Maynor

Will Thomas

Antoine Agudio

Vladimir Kuljanin

Folarin Campbell

Second Team

TJ Carter

Jamal Shuler

Matt Janning

Gerald Lee

John Vaughan

Third Team

Herb Courtney

Frank Elegar

Abdullai Jalloh

Leonard Mendez

Junior Hairston

I’d say “how ’bout” these guys, but I cannot. So I apologize to:

Juwan James

Marc Egerson

Nkem Ojougboh

David Schneider

Brian Johnson

And I could likely keep going…


~ by mglitos on February 20, 2008.

5 Responses to “Chew on This While Watching Your Game Tonight…”

  1. no love for laimis? you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

  2. How about Brandon Johnson and Brian Henderson?

    How about assembling tiebreakers for top 7?

    I’ll start (should be a total of 21 combinations:

    Wilmington over Mason 2-0, Mason over VCU 1-0

    Delaware over ODU 1-0,

    Wilmington and Northeastern over ODU 1-0 with one to play

    ODU split 1-1 with Mason, VCU and W & M.

  3. I guess JMU fans really have no right to question any post-season award that may come their way. We should take what we can get, right? Screw it….do yourself a favor and please switch J. James with Jalloh there on your 3rd team. Please don’t give it to Jalloh based on hype alone. Since none of the experts actually watch JMU (rightfully so), Jalloh gets it based on hype and/or a few scoring stats. Trust me, any JMU fan would tell you the same about James. Heart and soul, blood and guts, brings it every single night, just a dadgum warrior. He deserves better.

  4. Brandon Johnson and Brian Henderson!????

    Gosh, a dumb comment from an ODU fan – whoulda thunk.

    and just so you know why it was dumb

  5. Maynor over Thomas for POY? Someone is smoking crack…head-to-head, we saw which player came through for his team in Fairfax. I agree – Campbell has risen to 1st team, based on his CAA play.

    I will agree…The CAA is loaded with talent…what a great league – but, we all knew that.

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