Anthony Grant on Saturday’s game and the ODU/VCU rivalry, in respect to what he saw in the SEC and in his two years at VCU: “It’s one of the best atmospheres I’ve seen, period.”

Grant, on the secret to winning on the road: “The only thing I’ve got figured out is that I’ve got nothing figured out.”

Grant on ODU from earlier this season: “They’ve found their identity.”

Blaine Taylor, who is surely tiring of the freshmen versus seniors question: “We’ve never been an ‘either/or’ team; we’re an ‘and’ bunch.” This is probably the 47th way he’s said that ODU has needed both groups.

On one: “Darius James steadies our team. We play smart.”

Benny Moss, on The Dub’s success: “Our guys, they believe. And it comes from balance…our team is unselfish…they believe in each other…whichever guy the defense leaves open is the guy we get involved and that guy is producing.”

Hey Benny, what’s the difference? “A year ago we were pretty predictable. This year we have much better balance; that’s for sure.”

Moss, on his freshman point guard, and the coach sounding like he will challenge McCain, Obama, or Clinton: “We would not be where we are in the league race without Chad Tomko turnnig the corner. It started around the time we played George Mason at home. Earlier (in the season) he was shooting well and scoring but he wasn’t running the team and (was) turning the ball over. Here in the last 10 games or so he has turned the corner. He’s starting to play like a sophomore. He understands when we need him to look for his shot. He keeps us organized. He’s getting the ball to the right guy at the right time. He’s also grown as a defender. He undestands help principles better and toughness and agression when guarding the ball.”

Mostly, though, Moss says Tomko has the “it factor.”

Jim Larranaga, on GMUs last two games: “Well, we fell in love with the three…Towson shot 50 % in the second half and UNCW shot 50%, 52%…we’ve got to get back to defense and rebounding.” He said that’s something they haven’t done in “three halves.”

Larranaga on ODU beating VCU: “It gives some other teams hope they can upset the Rams.”


The wealth and depth of this year’s freshman class is beginning to dominate chatter around the league. Rightfully so. It seems to me that there are so many making so much of a difference. More so than ever before. I can remember a couple or a few, but this year’s group is absolutely deep and talented.

My belief is that Chad Tomko and Charles Jenkins are battling for freshman of the year honors. Close behind resides Chase Allen (who oughta get some votes) and Alphonso Dawson. Those are obvious. Who is the fifth guy?

Darius James, Gerald Colds, Joey Rodriguez, Ben Finney, Larry Sanders, Heiden Ratner, DJ Jones, Nat Lester, Cam Long, Dom Lacy?


~ by mglitos on February 19, 2008.

One Response to “Chatterboxes…”

  1. Let’s hope there’s less whining about fouls this week.

    GO MASON…payback time in Fairfax for OUR blowing of a 19 pt. LEAD in Newark…

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