The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…Five Games, Six Teams Edition

Of Saturday’s six CAA games, five were decided by two or fewer points. Note of clarification: there are no ties in college basketball, which means five games were decided by one or two points. We now have six teams battling for three spots in the top four. We’re going to get into that later today in a higher level view of the conference. But for now we’ll concentrate on a weekend slate that I’m still sorting. Wow.

In fact, we’ve decided to give you this update, then get into George Mason/The Dub and VCU/ODU after lunch.

One other note of clarification: nothing in the preceding 59:59 of the ODU/VCU game has anything to do with yesterday’s comment. Nor does anything that may or may not have occurred after a call or no call. My comment is simply this: Brian Henderson grabbed the arm of Eric Maynor. If you see it any other way, I suggest glasses. Or taking some off.

Moving right along…

This Is Why I Don’t Want to Play Hofstra: Antoine Agudio hit two jumpers in the final 18 seconds and made the game-ending pick-pocket steal in the Pride’s 86-85 win over James Madison. Agudio scored 30, but four Hofstra players were in double figures. You are never out of a game if Agudio is on the floor. This is a dangerous team.

It’s Not What You Think, Either: Hofstra didn’t make a single three-pointer in the second half against JMU. The Pride was 31-42 on two-point shots. Also, Hofstra did not allow JMU to score in the final two minutes. Agudio did pass Loren Stokes for second on the Hofstra all time scoring list.

Data Point: Delaware didn’t play poorly against Drexel but lost to the Dragons 62-60. The Hens won the battle of the boards 31-30, only committed 7 turnovers, and shot a respectable 40% from the field and 70% from the line. The difference was Frank the Tank and his 22 and 11. Why is this important? Delaware is pretty good, plays hard, and they lost. Drexel was coming off of a two-OT heartbreaker at ODU. The Dragons are playing well, too.

Great Quote, 20-Year Old Kid: “I shot it just like I was in the gym, by myself.” That was Ga State’s Trae Goldston, whose three-pointer lifted the Panthers past Nor’Easter 57-55. Nor’Easter turned the ball over 20 times and allowed Ga State to come back from eight down with five minutes to play.

Schick Should Sponsor These Guys: Ga State has played seven games this year in which the final margin was one or two points. Six of their losses have been by five or fewer points.

Tribe-ulations: Towson overwhelmed William & Mary in the second half Saturday, mostly because the Tribe couldn’t find the hoop for six minutes in a second half dry spell.


~ by mglitos on February 18, 2008.

9 Responses to “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…Five Games, Six Teams Edition”

  1. Just a suggestion from far away. If you want to have a credible blog called
    “The CAA: Life as a Mid Major” that is great, but if you want respect don’t post on the CAA zone as a VCU fan. Very difficult to have it both ways, just doesn’t work.

  2. Jim, please email me.

  3. Wait, I’m confused. Why can’t you have a Blog named Life As A Mid-Major and root for your alma mater simultaneously?

  4. That picture proves absolutely nothing. Go to the tape and you will see it much better. You have to get over this – your team got beat at home, your freshman are not thr next coming like you try to make them and there’s more to come when we get to the tournament. People are going to feast on the weak VCU bench.

  5. Hugh,read your post. Her it is. “Wait, I’m confused. Why can’t you have a Blog named Life As A Mid-Major and root for your alma mater simultaneously?”

    The problem is “The CAA” is in front of Life as a Mid Major. Make more sense now. Too many conflicts is all I am saying. Many CAA fans agree by the way, FYI.

  6. Take a close look at the picture, it seems that Maynor is cupping Henderson’s wrist. Maybe the foul goes both ways? This is payback from last year at the Siegal Center where ODU was robbed by the referees. Karma is Awesome!

  7. Given that he followed the CAA around for a year and wrote a book that was, you know, published, I think that gives him all the credibility he needs.

  8. A pretty darn good book at that. If that was Blue Steel, I’m still waiting for Magnum.

    On the non-whistled play heard ’round the world, I’m not a VCU fan and saw a foul in real time.

  9. Mr. Litos I love this site, I love that you are a biased, VCU diehard that stands for your team no matter what. Even though I am a diehard UNCW fan, anyone watching the game knows that when a body jerks to the side someone had to have helped that process: i.e. that was a home call that didn’t get made. If the roles had been reversed, ODU fans would have had the same reaction you did. Had Maynor got the call (which he normally does, as most well respected 1st teamers do), all the ODU fans would have balked that it was a hometown call. It is a no win situation for the referees at that juncture of a close game. Who cares now!! It is what it is–a die hard VCU fan, that thinks his superstar player should have gotten a home call, and in my professional opinion, should have as well. Maynor has earned the right for that call (Ala Jordan back in the day), and VCU with their record the past two seasons has earned the right to have that call called, whether we agree or not–there was contact, and contact should always be called something–and since there was no offensive foul made, Henderson should have been whistled for the foul. It won’t matter either way, because the hottest team in the CAA, UNCW, is going to win it all, so let’s not make that big a deal over something that has no bearing on the CAA tourney winner. (Oh man, did I just say that??)

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