The GBU…Late Edition

My personal opinion? If the foul is called on Brian Henderson, Eric Maynor makes one of two free throws and the game goes to overtime. Maybe two. It was that kind of game and that kind of atmosphere. The Basketball Gods would’ve wanted it that way. To be perfectly honest, that game was exactly why college basketball is so wonderful. Period.

One other thing…we gave a “Good For” to Brian Henderson for his big three against Drexel on Thursday. The senior has really struggled this year. However his final two minutes against VCU will stick with him, and we’re glad. I got to know Henderson a bit a couple of years ago and he is a good kid. Huge shots, especially the first three with Maynor’s hand right in his face.

But it’s all a moot point, because we strive for looking forward here at CAA: LAMM anyway. So here we go…

Use a linky line to the right to check out Brian Mull’s recap of The Dub and Mason. He’ll have a better review since he was, you know, courtside.

For me, I see Chad Tomko playing his way to an Obama/Clinton-esque battle with Charles Jenkins for CAA Freshman of the Year. Yes, Tomko had 18 points and drilled 4-5 of the long variety, but I like six rebounds and three steals.

For Mason, they desperately need Dre Smith to provide that extra kick. When you defend the Patriots, you know what you need to do to stop (er, slow) Will Thomas. You know the same with Folarin Campbell. John Vaughan is a weapon. At some point you cannot game plan a team because there is too much. The line of demarcation with George Mason is the effectiveness of Dre Smith. I’ll even go this far: if Dre Smith shoots eight threes each game in the CAA tournament, and makes half of his attempts, Mason won’t lose.

I say that, of course, with all things being equal. Will Thomas catching malaria doesn’t count.

One other item: Jordan Carter hit three threes. Those nine points accounted for every bit of bench scoring for both teams. (Clarification: all of Carter’s points were given to George Mason. He didn’t shoot any into the wrong basket.) I don’t yet know if anything needs to be made of that statistic, but we’re watching it.


So we now look to Wednesday’s slate, with the CAA standings in Full Quagmire Mode. Two teams are 10-5, two are 9-6, and two are 8-7. It seems everyone is playing at least of its final three against teams in this bog. (Of course, with six of 12 mired, the probability of this is likely higher than you would think. But we still love it.)

The conference office is furiously checking multiple-team tiebreaking scenarios, including the brand and size of the hat for the blind draw.

I still hold to my notion from last week: the ODU at The Dub season-ender is going to impact the standings in a tremedously largehuge massive manner.

Nor’easter appears to be destiny’s darlings. The Huskies get VCU, ODU, and GMU in the final three, and two (VCU/GMU) are in Matthews. Nor’easter can not only improve its lot, but also send a strong message for the CAA tourney.

Would this be a soliloquy or an aside? To my friends at G: TB…William & Mary will win on Wednesday. I “guarantee” it.

I’ve come to hate the term “sleep on,” due to overuse, but don’t “forget or overlook” Delaware. The Hens have a biggie on Wednesday against Mason, but two winnable games to close the season–home to Hofstra and at Towson.

The final Saturday of the season gives us a Mason at Nor’easter, then ODU at The Dub, double-dip on CSN-TV. Somebody knew something…love it.


Late add, with nothing above edited, except for poor spelling:

Finally, an apology, which I don’t think is necessary but feel I must. (Make that make sense.) Focus has been an issue today. While the corporate world was off doing yardwork, I was mired in paperwork and then fending off the hordes who find it impossible for me to view this conference with an unbiased eye.

To those of you who have come to enjoy (and hopefully learn from) what goes on here, my humblest apologies. I let it get to me. There will be better tomorrow.

To the rest of you: kiss off.


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One Response to “The GBU…Late Edition”

  1. I agree on Smith…but, Birdsong needs to provide more than he does, too. Smith’s hot and coldness is so damn frustrating. It makes me want a player like Cam Long in there even more, just to see what he can do when Smith is cold. As for Carter…I LOVED the 3s, but he also missed a wide-open lay-up under the basket with NO ONE on him.

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