Your “Brick City, Bay-Bee” Weekend Primer

Before we talk unguarded bricks, did you know you can watch CAA basketball on the tube for 10 consecutive hours tomorrow?

Hofstra/JMU at Noon, Drexel/Delaware at 2, W&M/Towson at 4, UNCW/Mason at 6
and VCU/ODU at 8.

Consider changing the channel your exercise for the day.


The teams at the top–VCU and George Mason–have not been burning it up from the charity stripe recently. VCU has hit on slightly less than 60% of its tries in its past two games (31-52) and Mason clanked it around to a 17-33 clip against Towson.

Both teams will likely run into a situation where they will need to make free throws late. You know, like around March 7-10. Keep your eyes on the (in)accuracy over the final four games. It is significant.

That said, here’s what else to look for over the holiday weekend:

All eyes should be trained to DeeCee, where the Free (Throw) Masons face the Hawks. We’ve all pretty much handed George Mason the second seed, but if The Dub pulls this one out, it ties the Patriots for second at 10-5.

Here’s the thing: Will Thomas won’t be able to push around Vladie Kools, and TJ Carter has the ability to guard Folarin Campbell. Let’s be clear, though. Thomas is likely to put up a double double, but it will be more like 14 and 11. He won’t dominate the game with a 22 and 14.

UNCW can win if it gets heady play from its freshman point guard, greater than 50% accuracy from Daniel Fountain, and something from its bench. Obviously that’s a lot to ask but not crazy talk. It can and may happen. Still, I think Mason wins because of the home court thing, but it is going to be a whale of a basketball game and I am Tivoing the sucker.

Next on the list is ODU traveling to VCU and the Siegel Center, where Blaine Taylor has never won. I look at this game and I smell a VCU blowout. Everything is pointing that direction, which of course means ODU eeks out a win.

Circling back, the key is VCUs shooting percentage. The Rams have been known to stage their own Brickfests from the field and from the line. VCU missed 17 of its first 18 shots against Georgia State, and that was a home game, too. I look for this one to be defensive minded and low scoring.

Let me also be clear: Despite the crap he is taking from his own fans, Blaine Taylor is no worse than the second or third best coach in the conference. He will find a way to have his team compete. But they lose. Probably 61-56.

The third game we’re watching closely is The Tribe in Baltimore(ish) against Towson. The Tigers are about 462-3 at home, and 2-577 on the road. Shaver’s troupe needs to prove itself on the road while at the same time snapping a two-game skein. We’re not making a pick, because this game is very interesting in the “setting up March” sense, but as you know the Tribe won’t win another game this season.™

Oh, and ditto for Nor’Easter heading to Atlanta. Nobody plays well down there, and Nor’Easter has five biggies in a row. The Huskies need to establish some charter flight success. They will, in another D Game. Nor’Easter 56, Ga State 50.


~ by mglitos on February 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “Your “Brick City, Bay-Bee” Weekend Primer”

  1. yeah, um, mgl? you can feel free to pick the tribe to win now, mmmkay? of course, you have legitimate reasons not to now.

  2. What do you think about the uncalled foul on Maynor at the end of the game? Do you even think Maynor was fouled?

  3. What do you think about the uncalled foul on Maynor to end the game? Do you think there even was a foul?

  4. heartbreaking. heartbreaking. that’s all i can say.

    mason had chances…all kudos goes to uncw…strong, strong team. i like their chances in richmond. i don’t feel confident in ours.

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