Some Guys Have All the Luck…

Title written with all due apologies to UNCW beat writer Brian Mull, who knows a thing or five about good music.  I had no choice.

Side note: weekend primer, a brick city edition, coming later today.

I haven’t reviewed post game quotes or spoken with anyone about last night’s double-OT thriller, ODUs 75-71 win over Drexel. But watching that game I got the feeling ODU got every break.

Now before you ODU people pepper my Inbox with emails describing my  abilities and shortcomings–along with some anatomical suggestions that would make a yoga instructor cringe–understand there is a difference in getting breaks and favorable treatment. To wit:

1. Drexel holds for the final shot and  throws the ball away when a player slips and falls. It happens a lot; just not usually with 10 seconds to play on the road in a one possession game.

2. A 50/50 charge/block call on Gerald Lee, as well as a marginal tripping play on Brandon Johnson, both go the way of the home team.

3. ODU seemingly got every single loose ball, through both hustle and the ball happening to carom to their player.

I don’t know why the luck always favors the home team. We’re karma believers here at CAA: LAMM, and it is somehow involved.

Side note: good for Brian Henderson. The ODU senior has gutted out what has been a horrible final season, and it was his three from the left wing that was the deciding blow.  I gave that shot a golf clap from my couch.


The most interesting note from our chat with Brian Mull yesterday was that he wanted to know how much time we had for the interview. My question surrounded UNCWs improvement this year, and surely there were reasons other than TJ Carter coming back.

Mull laughed and asked back how much time do we have. The point, and these are my words and not Mull’s: UNCW has a lot of things going well this year. All of them blend well. This is a fact and this must be recognized.

What Mull did refer to: Daniel Fountain is among the most improved players in the conference, Vladie Kools is playing defense, and the freshmen are comfy in their roles. Plus, Carter’s main difference is not leadership.

Mull posited that the coaching in the CAA is so good, and scouting is so sharp, that the other team knows what you are trying to do and can stop it. The difference is having a guy that can take the basketball with 10 seconds on the shot clock and make a play. You know, like TJ Carter.

We agree.


Adam Jones, the vocal chords of Nor’Easter,  let us in on the reason Matt Janning was made a co-captain as a sophomore. Jones noted that the Huskies coaching staff recognized that over the next three seasons Janning was going to have to be a leader. They determined that now was the time to challenge Janning with that mantle.

Jones also said that Coen’s greatest asset as a coach is that he focuses so much on teaching and keeping an even keel that the players are able to relax and play basketball. Coen doesn’t just yell when a player screws up nor just give pats on the back when a player does something right.

Love that.


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