Some Random Impressions From Last Night (And Beyond)…

Early apologies, as this is a big “pay the mortgage” day…however we’re chatting up The Dub beatnick Brian Mull and Nor’Easter chatterbox Adam Jones midday for the CAA Radio Show. We’ll shoot for some “best of” commentary late day.


Analysis Paralysis: Delaware shot a robust 19% from the field in the first half of its 51-48 victory over Ga State last night and trailed 26-16. During the break, Monte Ross must’ve talked about the significance of the “points for” statistic and importantly how you acquire points, as the Hens shot 59% in the second half and prevailed. The other key: YouDee turned the ball over just eight times, including ZERO from Brian Johnson, who played all 40 minutes. Special mention: GSUs Rashad Chase with 13 points and 14 rebounds.

One Funny Thing I Never Thought I’d Write: “William & Mary has lost two in a row to drop into a tie for third.” The Dub won 77-64 on the scoreboard, but stuck it to the Tribe in all phases of the game. Vladie Kools had 10 points and 19 rebounds for his 11th double-double of the season. There is no truth to the rumor that Benny Moss has started an Internet petition to have the CAA tourney played in Trask.

Hey Judge, A Thousand Bucks Says You Miss This Putt: Danny must want that scholarship after all…The Dub’s Danny Fountain hit 5-6 from beyond the arc, and Danny Sumner led W&M with 14 points.

Aye Cap’n, We’ll Defend Her Honor: Hofstra missed all eight threes and shot 39% for the game in Nor’easter’s 62-53 victory on The Island. Antoine Agudio missed seven of those distanced attempts and was held to 13 points on 5-16 shooting. Nor’easter was led by Cap’n Matt’s 19 points, and Chase Allen didn’t turn the ball over in 36 minutes.

Here’s What I Love, And You Should, Too: Assuming ODU holds serve tonight against Drexel, the CAA has five teams within one game of each other with four games to play. Two of those teams get Frisbees. (Friday Byes…note the Basher reference…)

On Streaking, And Heat: Nor’easter has won five in a row to get to 8-6 in the conference and further muck the quagmire. During the streak, nobody has shot more than 39% overall nor 30% from three point land against the Huskies. ODUs 60 points last week has been the highest tally, and Nor’easter is giving up an average of 48.8 points per game during the streak.

Home, Sweet Home: VCU drilled JMU last night, 75-56, in a game that lost any suspense around the under 16:00 media timeout of the first half. This season, only Georgia State has finished a game against VCU in the Siegel Center trailing by fewer than 10 points.

Fresh Frosh: VCUs Larry Sanders–normally a starter–sat out the first half last night. When asked, Anthony Grant would only say it was “my decision” and elaborate no more. Our reaction: we hate that, but we love that. The VCU swagger starts with its head coach, and we really love that.

Fresh Frosh, Part Deux: JMUs Heiden Ratner is awfully pesky, and he is also a much better player than people want to give him credit for. Ratner came flying out of the team huddle last night and didn’t back down from Eric Maynor once. He also pushed the ball upcourt on offense. It was obvious Ratner was going to wear out, but he never did. Even after sustaining a cut to his chin and above his eye, Ratner came back for more. The stat line says nine points and one turnover in 33 minutes, but Ratner gave JMU some fire it needed.

Workmanlike: I made it home in time to catch the second half of Towson/Mason. Really, there’s nothing else to say about Mason’s 85-73 win. Moving right along…

Big Brother Says I Don’t Know What To Do With This Info: Which one of you found this blog by Googling “Brett Blizzard’s Girlfriend?”


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5 Responses to “Some Random Impressions From Last Night (And Beyond)…”

  1. Do any other Mason heads start cursing up a storm whenever you see a three jacked up for a fifth straight possession without touching Will Thomas’s hands?

    For a team that shot 12-for-23 from behind the arc, we should’ve (in my humble opinion) had many more easy brackets from pump fakes on the perimeter leading to dribble penetration.

    I always get worried about the next game when the team gets complacent and settles for deep shots requiring little effort (resulting in a higher standard deviation when the swishes become clangs).

  2. With the previous comment in mind, their next game against UNCW will be a lot like what is just described because Thomas cannot do to Kuljanin what he does to the rest of the league. Get ready for a frustrating evening Mason nation.

  3. yeah, because the team CHOSE not to pass it to Thomas right? It had nothing to do w/Kennedy’s game plan to pack in a tight zone to keep it out of Thomas’ hands in favor of giving up the three right?

    It’s OK not to know something, but to flaunt your ignorance again, and again, and again….just shut the F Up m’Kay?

    The UNCW loss and GSU loss were the same things. We couldn’t hit from outside, so there was no reason for the other team to get out of their zone. Not to mention that Kuljanin and Hendley are two of the biggest forwards in the league, so it’s not like they can’t push Thomas and Birdsong out from under the basket. W/out the threat of hitting shots from outside, it doesn’t stretch (read single team) the defense and give Thomas a chance to back him down, or go around him.

    If you still want to talk 3s……..since league play has started, 3 Mason players rank in the top 15 for 3 pt% – Folarin is #2, Dre is #7 and Vaughan is #14. Long hasn’t played enough minutes/taken enough shots to be considered in the rankings, but if he had, his .440 3 pt % would put him 5th in conference.

    So yeah, you know what your talking about.

  4. I love Frank’s confidence…but, Thomas WILL NOT allow the angry Russian (or whatever he is) to have another good night against him in Fairfax tomorrow night. Expect a different outcome. And if I’m wrong…I’ll admit that Kuljanin deserves a lot more love than he’s getting. Your guards worry me more…

    But, this game is NOT at Trask.


  5. All I am saying is that when you have a dominant post presence such as Will Thomas and he is in the game, you play your offense through him regardless of the opposition.

    To the hater who anonymized himself because he is devoid of courage and fearful of having his name attached to comments that may draw ire, I watched the Towson game, saw the tight zone and still thought the play inside was available for most of the game.

    Of course, it’ll be tougher against the Seahawks because of their big (skilled) bodies. Even if Will underwhelms on offense, if Mason boxes out and contests the perimeter shot, then I like their chances.

    – the dope

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