The Ultimate in Side Notes…

A Sea of Blue is a linky line over to the right of this page. And while I realize the author follows Kentucky–a member of one of “those” conferences–the link is there because it is a good site.

I’m calling special attention to it today because he lends a dose of perspective we can all use.

Back story: I was watching a bit of Liberty/Winthrop last night, during American Idol commercials, and the score flashed across the bottom of my screen. It read something along the lines of Vanderbilt 63, Kentucky 25. Surely a typo, but when I flipped over I saw it was indeed real. Kentucky fans have “that” reputation so I figured there would be some gnashing today.

So anyway, back to what you need to learn. You can read the entire entry, but here’s the money graf:

I warn you, expect the “rumors” to start immediately resurfacing about everything from soup to nuts, and nothing having to do with actual basketball.  I have already seen the signs and received the emails, and if this isn’t more proof of the total lack of reliability of what you read on the Internet or hear from those with an agenda, I can’t advise you.  For the last three weeks we have heard dead silence, as though all the seedy and nefarious whispers of earlier this year were all better now and even off-limits by divine edict.  I strongly suspect that edict is now revoked.

When Your Team gets pummeled by a team it usually pummels, or when you’re in the middle of a difficult season, it is easy to either crank up the rumor mill, or fall victim to its machinations.

Don’t let that happen. It’s pathetic. Just move on.

In fact, this may spur a clean up of the linky lines.


~ by mglitos on February 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Ultimate in Side Notes…”

  1. Thanks for the link, and the blog post.

    There are days I wish I was more of a Western Kentucky fan, and this is one of them. I went to Western, but I have been a lifelong UK fan. Some days, that is a bit of heaven. And some days, it is like a voodoo curse.

    Thanks again.

  2. I work with a couple of UK fans. Yesterday you would have thought that both grandmothers and the dog died Tuesday night in Nashville. I just wonder what kind of shape Gillespie’s yard was in yesterday morning. UK fans are not very tolerant of poor, mediocre or good performance. They want nothing but the BEST! Look what they did to Tubby Smith. But I suppose they are no different that the “whine & cheesers” at unc-ch.

  3. And a reciprocal thanks…I’ll always point out good work.

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