Take That, Gary Williams…(Predictions Coming Later)

We try to be a classy bunch here at CAA: LAMM. We try not to curse, jab for no reason other than fun, or show pics of scantily clad women. (Side note: we love scantily clad women; but they have no bearing on assist-to-turnover ratio. There are other sites for that stuff.)

So when we talk about stealing, it isn’t laptops or credit cards or Kelvin Sampson phone calls. No, we’re talking about recruiting steals and CAA players who make a difference even though not many “experts” believed as much.

We present for your discussion, our CAA All Steal Team:

Freshman: Chad Tomko, The Dub. Though Hofstra’s Charles Jenkins is the freshman of the year in my mind, Tomko is the steal because he will finish no farther out than second, and the vote will be close. The thing that immediately struck everyone in November about Tomko was the question: are you related to the pitcher? But Tomko has started all 25 games for The Dub, averaging eight points per game. Importantly, Tomko averages about 1.5 assists for every turnover, which is an outstanding number for a freshman playing in an up tempo attack. I still look at him and think Mike Slattery.

Sophomore: Matt Janning, Nor’Easter. This is another guy you had never heard of last season. All he did was win frosh of the year and garner a slew of all conference votes, and you still weren’t convinced. True, calling Janning “wispy” was a little like calling Sam Harris “tall,” but Janning hit the weight room. Bill Coen made Janning his captain, as a sophomore. Coen has been rewarded with 16 points and 36 minutes in a leadership role; one in which defenses are geared to stop Janning.

Junior: Eric Maynor, VCU. Huh?, you ask. How can this be? Look at it from a history perspective. Maynor played high school basketball in the heart of TobaccoRoad, where any ACC school could’ve had him. Fayetteville is also southern enough to grab the attention of SEC schools. None were interested. Further, Maynor barely played in his freshman season. Now, Maynor is a household name, has played for a national team and has been named conference preseason player of the year. Not bad considering the detritus some of those ACC schools put on the floor. Juwan James and Lennie Mendez were close.

Senior: This was the most difficult selection, as I discovered a bagel. Most seniors either (1) come in with hype and improve to become stars–Will Thomas and Antoine Agudio; or (2) come in with little fanfare and become team leaders and very good college basketball players–Herb Courtney and Jamal Shuler. So can any senior be truly labeled a “steal?” The closest in my mind is Frank Elegar. We’ve watched Elegar develop from a bit player with a gangly body to a low post force with strength and “all the moves.” Elegar is one of those players who didn’t even start playing basketball until high school, but has become a first team all conference performer. He deserves recognition.


~ by mglitos on February 13, 2008.

One Response to “Take That, Gary Williams…(Predictions Coming Later)”

  1. No love for Joey Rodriguez??? He was recruited to be a great passer for vcu. Don’t get me wrong he def has passing skills but who saw his defense coming along as well as it has?? if you have ever seen joey play he’s like an annoying gnat that pestors the other teams players and forces them to create turnovers.

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