Orange Whip? Four Orange Whips…

There is no team in the CAA whose primary color is orange. I don’t know why I notice such useless things.

YouDee at Jai State: Every now and then I have to get a Jai Lewis reference in here. We’ll also eschew the bad cliches, such as this is the beginning of Monte’s March or Herb Courtney is Ross’s Hoss. The important piece to this game is whether or not we can figure out the cartoon character Ross reminds us of when he gets upset or is surprised. Ross has the best fried-egg-eyes look in the conference, hands down. Your suggestions are welcomed. We like the Hens 64-59.

Nor’easter at Hofstra: By a wide margin, this is going to be the best game to watch tonight. I smell at least one overtime. Quietly, Nor’Easter is playing defense as well as anyone in the conference; and quietly, Hofstra has won four of six. Yes, you can call this my Weekly Weenie Non Pick. Just enjoy the game with the knowledge that someone will hit a shot with a lot of zeroes on the clock.

JMU at VCU: For every reason Nor’Easter/Hofstra is going to be good, this game is going to be bad. VCU likes a high possession, offense-oriented game. JMU leads the CAA in possessions per 40 minutes (73.4). Pierre Curtis, a ball control point guard, is in charge of knee injuries on the bench tonight. A Harrisonburg repeat is a far-fetched dream. VCU wins 82-65.

Mason at Towson: I’m personally glad that a regional MASN audience will get to see CAA: LAMM POY Jon Pease. It’s about time everyone got to see how important 12 points, eight rebounds, three steals, four fouls, six floor burns, two stitches, and one letter to the editor are to a basketball team. Sadly I don’t think it’s enough. I don’t know who guards Will Thomas. Mason 66, Towson 63.

William & Mary (9-4) at The Dub (8-5): I don’t know that any analysis needs to be done for this one. The records in parens say it all. Note: W&M has a ridiculous stat of about 40 assists and 10 turnovers in its past two games, but Laimis Kisielius is hampered or out with what Tony Shaver calls turf toe (even though Shaver admitted the W&M doctors would kill him for saying that.) I like Vladie Kools to go for about 18 and 14. Other note: Ken Pomeroy says The Dub wins 70-66, giving UNCW a 67% chance of winning. We know better than to doubt Pomeroy. Minor quibble, though: The Dub 74, Tribe 66.


~ by mglitos on February 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Orange Whip? Four Orange Whips…”

  1. Well, it wasn’t always pretty…but, I’ll take that win last night over Towson. Plus, I just found out that I have tickets to the Mason/UNCW potential classic on Sat. night…

    I’m glad Dre Smith finally woke up. Durant’s brother looked solid for Towson…that team does have some talent.

  2. does any CAA school even use orange as a secondary color?

    maybe HU… although it looks more like gold, and I dont care QUITE enough to do even minimal research, I mean it’s Hofstra after all.

    Maybe it’s because there’s so much damn orange in the atlantic coast League (at least secondarily)

    hoos, hokies, clemson, miami, bleah

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