The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…Satchel Paige Edition

We’re getting dangerously close to the CAA Tournament, as in the championship game is four weeks from today. Therefore, it’s my job to remind you of two important rules, courtesy of Ol Satch:

1. Avoid fried foods, which rile up the blood.

2. Don’t look back; something might be gaining on you.

In that spirit, we’ll only look back a tad in today’s GBU; choosing to look forward. In fact, our lookbacks specifically address the future


There was an arrogance about George Mason on Saturday. Not confidence. Not swagger. Arrogance. The Patriots lost to ODU in Norfolk and have, really, themselves to blame. Mason stopped playing as a team; choosing to try to outgun the Monarchs. I’ve never seen so many flying-into-the-lane, wish-and-a-prayer drives from Mason.

John Vaughan, for all the good he’s doing this season, lost his mind. Vaughan has repeatedly driven the baseline or lane for layups this season and is quietly an All Conference performer. The difference is that usually he does this after about four Norman Dale passes within the Mason offense. On Saturday, as soon as Mason hit the frontcourt, someone was hitting the rim.

Clearly Mason stepped over that line of playing with confidence to playing with arrogance, and you saw the difference. They didn’t play to their identity and it cost them a critical basketball game.

VCU heaped a 24-2 second half run on Delaware and subdued the Hens in Newark. Eric Maynor had 21 points, 10 assists, and zero turnovers. With William & Mary losing in Boston, the Rams have a two-game lead with five to play. While that is nice to say, I’m not so sure how important seeding matters. They key item: the cachet of being the regular season champs will turn a head or two in Selection Committee Room.

Notes on looking ahead:

Hofstra played great team defense in its victory over Georgia State. The Pride forced 20 turnover and held the Panthers to 34% shooting. The future? Pecora’s team is playing some defense. I still say they are the team that will be seeded below sixth that can most likely pull an upset.

The Dub predictably put the wood to JMU in Trask. This week is the ultimate telltale heart for the Ravens Hawks. UNCW hosts William & Mary on Wednesday, then heads to Fairfax on Saturday. (Thanks Proff–one extra Stella for you.) UNCW can (1) make a statement; (2) fall back into the quagmire that is the middle of the pack; (3) go 1-1 and really make no impression whatsoever.


~ by mglitos on February 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…Satchel Paige Edition”

  1. Yep…you got it right about Mason. What a disappointment. Imagine being a Mason grad/fan and dealing with this crap every time they go on the road…it’s frustrating as hell. But, I’m sure it gives the rest of the CAA something to look forward to – our visits. Towson could easily beat us on Wed.

  2. Error – the Dub hosts bill & the virgin Wed. evening. We’ve already had our “fun trip” to the burg this season!

  3. In other news, once again this year, Drexel played basketball. Something seemingly oft forgotten by this blog.

  4. Bear in mind, Vaughn hurt his leg at Drexel two nights ago, that had an effect on him not scoring any points whatsoever.

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