The Great PR Machine…

Somewhere, near DeeCee, there is a campaign strategist mulling this. I guarantee it. If I’m wrong, said campaign strategist should be fired. Mulling what, you ask?

Hiring the NCAA to perform presidential PR duties.


It’s simple: there is no greater PR machine going than the NCAA. I honestly think that if you performed some wacky physics calculation of the properties of teflon, it would end up being “NCAA.”

Getting to the point: the NCAA, for the second year, put a gaggle of the best and most influential college basketball writers in a room and pretended they were the NCAA selection committee. The gist: we want you to see how difficult this process is, but not really see the actual process.

Its brilliance resides in its far-reaching simplicity: of course they will write about its difficulty. Of course they will write about the lack of bias, the “not-knowing” certain conspiracy elements, the fact that upsets and conflicting information makes their jobs exponentially more difficult.

It’s exactly what the NCAA wants them to write. It’s a massive press release in multiple media outlets. What’s more, it allows them to keep media from hounding them for actual access to the actual Selection Room.

In a word, it’s perfect. I respect that. Whomever generated this idea at NCAA HQ deserves a raise.

The most entertaining part? Fans are completely confused by the output. Writers like Joe Lunardi are being excoriated publicly. Fans don’t see this isn’t Lunardi’s latest Bracketology; or DeCourcy’s Field of 65. Lunardi and his colleagues are taking an undeserved beating, not the NCAA. Again, perfect.

CAA fans are particularly lambasting Lunardi for “leaving out” VCU and George Mason in favor of UNCW. The fans are missing what happened. The media was not selecting the teams they thought should or would get into the tournament. They were undergoing an exercise in selection, as if they were the selection committee. Part of that exercise is dealing with upsets. The NCAA chose to toss them a CAA-related curveball and have UNCW win the CAA tourney.

Leave the writers alone for a couple of weeks. Don’t get yourself in an uproar. Just appreciate the fact that the selection process is indeed a tough one, and the writers are finding this out and responding accordingly. They are showing you how difficult the process can be, and that you should cut them some slack.

Exactly what the NCAA wants them to write.


~ by mglitos on February 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Great PR Machine…”

  1. Re: My previous RPI explanation

    I actually think the home and road weightings are 1.3 and 0.7, not 1.4 and 0.6 like a previously typed.

  2. I have no problem with because I happen to agree that UNCW will go after George Mason loses to UNCW in the semi’s, and VCU is stunned by William & Mary to set up an ESPN instant classic at the CAA tourney that sees UNCW win in the last minute to go to March Madness. It’s my story, and I’m tellin’ it. Hey, it could happen……

  3. all of america would instantly despise uncw in that scenario for dashing the dreams of the theretofore downtrodden tribe. it’d be in your best interest to let the scrappy green and gold squad fulfill their destiny. and get annihilated by kansas in the first round.

  4. I’m sorry I missed all of that. Abdi Lidonde is still hitting 3s at the Constant Center.

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